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Pregnancy acne


Along with my terrible morning sickness, I’ve got the worst acne as well. It’s really getting to me, I don’t want to go out on walks in case people judge/I’m trying to hide all my symptoms from my daily work video calls. Has any managed to calm their face down/does it go at some point? I’m just over 10 weeks, feel like I’ve been pregnant for years already.

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Yes my acne started to flare up soon into my pregnancy too, overtime it has calmed its self down. Think its do with hormones & oils in your skin as I found my hair went greasy like the day after washing it, again, this settled down & both were just passing phases.

I'd avoid using any make up, wash only with water & pat your skin dry, don't rub.

Fresh air also helps, so if you can get out for a daily walk, maybe go in late evening if you are worried about people seeing.

I wouldn't worry and wonder what people think about you skin, its none of their business so try not to let it worry you


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Thanks! I have been trying to sit in my garden more, I’m just so tired all the time :(!


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