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Hi, so i found out I was pregnant a week ago.. I’m not entirely sure how far along I am as I stopped the mini pill (cerelle) on the 26th March & haven’t had a period since! I done a test on the 19th April which was negative & then done another one last week which was positive :) .. Anyway, since I’ve found out I’ve had on & off pains in my tummy - similar to the feeling before you have a period.. Is this normal? I’m so paranoid I’m going to have a miscarriage!

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Congratulations. Hopes it’s just your womb adjusting. If you are worried you need to speak to the gp and get an appointment with the midwife xx


Congratulations, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and I had all manner of off crampy pains the first few weeks I was pregnant that and extreme tiredness were my main symptoms until the sickness hit week 6. Good luck!!


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