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High impact exercise and trying to conceive?


So with it being lockdown I’ve been biking about 9 miles per day with a trailer on the back with my 3 year old in. I’m going to try for another baby and just wondered if I will be able to carry on in the first trimester? I’m just worried about my heart rate. I’m very fit anyway and do high intense exercise most days but as you can imagine towing a trailer really does get your heart going and didn’t want it to cause problems to the baby. Would you think it would be ok or to avoid?

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As soon as you find out you are pregnant I would stop. But check with the doctor maybe?? X

Thank you I will check, just didn’t want to trouble the doctors as I know how busy they are.

If you are already fit, you can carry on doing exercise you currently do.

I’m quite fit and I’ve carried on, I’m 20 weeks and just had my scan and all is great, haven’t had any morning sickness or symptoms. I’ve read if your body is used to it and you still feel fine then it’s good to continue. I have a few days where I’m exhausted so just skip on those days but I think the fitter you are the better

Hi Jess,

I was doing weight lifting 5x per week before I got pregnant, When I got pregnant I was told by many people that I should stop. But when I discussed it with my GP and my midwife they said that I should keep doing whatever I was doing before getting pregnant, avoiding some movements and probably cutting my weights by 40%, I also work with a personal training. The only thing they said I should stop immediately was any "contact" sports, such as boxing, not that I was doing any... Now that I am 16 weeks, my baby was in a very good shape in the last scan and I feel great! Also they say that I should listen to my body, If something feels uncomfortable than I should stop.

Thank you very much appreciate your reply.

Hay, it's fine to continue doing anything you have previously done but no contact sport. I trained through my last pregnancy and was doing hiit skipping in this one until severe morning sickness at 6 weeks. Hoping I can get back to it in a few weeks. Its more about how you are feeling,strength training and cardio is advised now by the hospital or at least at mine as it has so many benefits x

I've read that despite many people telling you you should stop exercising when pregnant it's quite an unproductive misconception. What you need to do is not change your routine - don't start any intense exercise regimen if you weren't already doing it. If it's very intense surely you could back off a little bit but always ask your doctor.

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