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Wondering if there's anyone out there, who is British Citizen with a foreign wife who came to England for a holiday , wife became pregnan


Anyone manage to get financial help

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You can apply for financial assistance if you qualify, but if your wife is only here on holiday she will not be entitled to any financial aid or any medical treatment from the NHS unless she is from a European country and has her EHIC which is valid to the end of this year as after that a new agreement with the EU is meant to be being put in place. If your wife is not from EU then she'll need to pay for any treatment on the NHS.

You would be best off speaking to an immigration professional about your best options.

It's quite expensive to be honest. I've been told that If you don't have a visa it's about £2,500 only for scans and consultation and I've heard is about £6,000 for a c-section and 2 day sin the hospital. My recommendation is for her to go back to her country and they could apply a visa later, If she overstayed or incurred into any debt with the NHS, It's mark as a "bad immigration history"