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Morning sickness comes & goes


Has anyone else experienced morning sickness at 6-7 weeks were one day it’s horrific, the next day your absolutely fine?

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I had morning sickness all the way till I was 20 weeks pregnant some day I was really bad and then next day I could be fine, I struggled with morning sickness, as soon as I got up in the morning I would be straight in the bathroom,even the smell of food made me sick, I couldn't keep anything down including water, I was even up in the night being sick, than when I did start to stop all I could eat was chips and curry from the chippy thats all I could keep down, anything else if would come right back up.... but if speak to yoyr midwife they might put you on some anti sickness tablets..

Hope this helps, and hope your pregnancy goes well for you x

I had terrible morning sickness from about 6/7 weeks. It got worse and worse until about 12 weeks. It carried on just past 16 weeks. I couldn't tolerate the smell of washing detergent, i still can't, but back then it would give me the worst headache and i'd throw up. I felt sick 24/7, it was awful. Not eating made it worse, so forcing myself to eat something helped to make the sickness not worse. I had crackers next to my bed, as soon as i'd open my eyes in the morning the sickness would hit me like a tonne of bricks, nibbling on a cracker or two helped ease it a little. Morning sickness is just awful, hope you'll be past it by 12 weeks, but if it does get really bad definitely speak to your doctor about it. You don't want to get dehydrated x

I had really bad morning sickness for about a week in between 6-7 weeks, then it pretty much disappeared after 7 weeks. It made me worry a bit, but we had an early private scan booked at 8 weeks at a clinic that was still open, everything was fine and baby had a good heartbeat. I’m now 9 + 4 and yesterday I felt horrendous, vomiting all day and couldn’t keep food or water down until about 7pm where I could only eat mash potato with a tiny bit of gravy! It definitely comes and goes for me!! Today I woke up feeling slightly better but I have rung my GP who is going to prescribe me some anti sickness tablets so I can take one when needed.

I think it’s important to remember we are all different and our bodies respond in different ways to the hormones being produced :)

I had morning sickness that started at 6 weeks and would be bad for a few days then good for a few days and that continued for a good few weeks. Then at 10 weeks I thought it was gone completely and I had about 2 weeks of no morning sickness then it came back between 12-14 weeks worse than it had been before! It did stop just after 14 weeks and I’m now nearly 18 weeks and haven’t had any sickness or nausea for a month. I think it’s sometimes to do with times when hormone levels are increasing, I would feel bad for a few days then maybe adjust to it then they would change again and that would make me feel terrible all over again. Try to just enjoy the days where you don’t have sickness and know that it won’t last forever x

i’ve been feeling rubbish from about 4/5 weeks, last week i was 9 weeks and it was the best week yet. now im 10 + 3 weeks and this morning i cant keep anything down. i’m counting down to 12 weeks but i’m not very hopeful :(!

I am having terrible morning sickness including headache and vomiting. I am 9 weeks pregnant today and seems unfit.

Can anyone give me an idea how can I cope up with that because whatever I am eating in the morning can’t enjoy and sometime I have to throw up right away....😟

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I found having something ready to eat at the side of the bed before you even stand up in the morning helps. Eat plain things like crackers, plain biscuits, plain toast with no butter. Try eating smaller amounts but more often x

Agreed, I feel very sicky in the morning and having a plain digestive before I get up seems to be helping

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