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Spotting normal? 10 weeks 3 days..



I just had my 10 week ultrasound (on the belly) everything look fine. Came home slept through the night with some tossing and turning (always uncomfortable). Awoke like 6am to pee, wiped and seen blood (very noticeable blood) almost like the start of a period. Wiped again clear discharge.

I used my Doppler right away and her the baby’s heartbeat. I went to sleep again, awoke, used the bathroom no blood, listened to the baby’s heartbeat again everything sounded normal.

Kind of scary because I don’t usually bleed during pregnancy and the ones where I did, I had an early miscarriage.

Have anyone had something like this and had a healthy pregnancy?

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I’d definitely call your midwife or GP if you’re worried especially if the bleeding starts again or gets heavier, I personally wouldn’t rely on a home Doppler so early in pregnancy in case you’re picking up the placenta, crossing everything in the hope baby and you are both okay xx

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Yes I agree and will do that.

Thank God No spotting/bleeding since this morning. Trying to remain positive.

I had the same exact thing when pregnant with my second. I've had 3 miscarriages and the only time I had bleeding in pregnancy was when it was bad news. I had my first scan at 13 weeks and the next day I had a little bleed. It stopped but I was convinced I had lost my baby. I phoned my midwife who wasn't concerned (seemed to just dismissed to be honest!) Finally agreeing to letting me go in and see her once I was 14 weeks to listen to baby's heartbeat. (She said to me if you think it would help?!) According to my midwife they wouldn't scan me again so soon after my last one - don't know whether this would be true or not. Anyway I went to hear my baby's heartbeat and it was there. At my 20 week scan I found I had a low lying placenta so I wondered if that was the reason. Hopefully you have nothing to worry about. My baby is now a year old, running around destroying my house! But I would speak to your doctor or midwife asap

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Oh wow,

I really needed that. Thanks✨ Calling them today.

I had some spotting with my first in the first 12w. Shes 4 now.

Thank you! Just never had it happen to me, so definitely scary.

Spotting/bleeding in pregnancy is very common, but not normal. So any spotting/bleeding should be reported to your midwife or GP. I had a scare at 7 weeks where i bled bright red blood and they couldn't understand where it was coming from. I spotted until 9ish weeks and then it stopped. The sonographer at the hospital scanning me said its very common and a lot of the times its nothing to worry about, but it's not something that is normal, so should always be reported. Wishing you all the best xx

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Thanks haven’t seen blood since 6am yesterday. I’m definitely calling today.

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