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Activities for toddlers


Has anyone got any good ideas for things I can try to entertain my little boy at home?

He’s just turned 2 and is very active. He likes cars, running around and climbing.

Unfortunately his dad has (against my wishes) let him watch TV whenever he wants and now it’s all he wants to do. I’ve tried to restrict it but now end up giving in and letting him because otherwise I’m just the bad guy all the time and it just feels like all I’m doing is trying to distract him from the TV. He doesn’t ever sit down to watch it and is always running around or dancing. His favourite thing to watch is action songs and he’s actually learned quite a lot from it but it still really upsets me and I want to be a better parent than this 😭

He used to constantly come to me with books, asking me to read and now he never does.That was the only time he’d sit down!

He will play with his cars and garage for quite a while but has to have the TV on at the same time. He’s also recently started playing with some animal figures which can keep his attention for maybe 10 mins. I’ve tried crayons - sometimes he’ll do this for about 2 mins then bored. Was completely disinterested in painting.

I know the best thing to do is to take him out and about where there’s no TV but obviously that’s quite difficult at the moment.

Would be good to get some ideas of things I can try that will distract him for a bit without spending loads of time and money preparing it in case he doesn’t engage.

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Don’t beat yourself up. I’ve found over the last few weeks the tv has been on more but I know once things get back to normal it will calm down. Are you on Instagram? If so there is a lady I follow called Beckys treasure baskets. I’ve found a few bits on there that we do quite a bit and keeps her entertained. We don’t have a garden so really struggling. We used to do a dance class before corona so that went online and we do that most days too. We tend to say only 5 mins of tv left and then music goes on and she normally accepts that x

Thanks for the reassurance. Yes I’m on Instagram so will check her out and see if I can find some other similar accounts. I’ve tried Pinterest but just spend all the time following links to sites full of adverts 🙄

We usually do rhythm time, which has been doing weekly online sessions on YouTube and also Facebook live. He does join in but it’s not easy to keep him interested when it’s on my tablet.

Just managed to get him to read 2 books (Highway Rat and Zog - he has always loved these Julia Donaldson ones) and now he’s playing on my piano so just need to keep him interested for the next 4 hours before bed! 😂 x

It’s so so hard really. I can’t wait for her to go back to nursery just for the pure fact it’s so hard to keep her occupied otherwise it’s been lovely having her home. I find the afternoons seem to drag a bit lol but since she’s stopped having naps and going to bed at 6.30 has been quite nice xx

Bit of an aside but what prompted you to drop the final nap?

We have been finding it harder to get him down at night and bedtime has been been getting later and later despite not letting him sleep past 2ish.

Have tried dropping the nap over the last couple of days but last night he hasn’t really slept much longer overnight (went to bed 7:15, got up 6:30). I’m not complaining about this at all as I thought he’d never sleep through but feels like it’s not enough for the whole day at his age 🤷🏻‍♀️

We were putting her to bed normal time at 7.30 and she was chatting away until about 9pm. So gave it a go without nap and she now goes to bed at 6.30 and wakes around 6.30am.

Think it’s because of her routine changing she’s not as active so not tired so we may reintroduce when she’s back at nursery but we tried it the other day and she still chatted til 9pm lol.

I feel bad taking it away but also when she did nap she was in an awful mood when we woke her up after an hour it really wasn’t worth it xx

Hi, just a few ideas as you said your LO likes playing with cars how about putting some paint on a tray & driving the cars through then transferring to paper, could also incorporate dinosaurs or animals & make prints, cloud dough is a good one too its just cornflour & hair conditioner & you kneed together (I prefer to play dough as it's not sticky) cooking spaghetti adding paints or glitter & exploring or potatoes printing? Hope some of these are helpful x

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Thanks. That’s a good idea to try doing something with his cars. Will have a go.

Have been thinking about cloud dough, playdough etc. He’s never been interested at all when they do it at nursery although he apparently loved cutting pastry with a cutter so maybe that’s an option 🤔

I actually tried potato printing a bit back and he wouldn’t even come near it. Just me sitting there printing by myself 😂 Maybe worth another try though...

Have a look at five minute mum on Instagram. Lots of ideas and if you look at the accounts she follows you’ll find some other similar ones x

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