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Baby measuring small. MRI booked.

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Hello everyone, my baby is measuring on the “small side of normal” and has been since around 20+ weeks (I’m 30 +4 now). I have already had the blood tests to see if 1) I have an infection and 2) to see what my chances of having a baby with down syndrome etc are which came back low and clear from infection.

However, I have now been offered an amniocentesis test and an MRI scan. I have decided to decline (for now at least) the amnio test and to wait and see what the results are from the MRI. Anyway, my question is - has anyone else had the MRI? Is there anything I should know before hand?

Also, what’s the average estimated fetal weight at 30 weeks? What do yours supposedly weigh?

Thanks in advance!

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I haven’t got any experience with an mri scan but had to have weekly growth scans from 28weeks due to a “big” baby who then went to a “small” baby...I had my last scan at 38weeks they said she was 7lb 9oz I gave birth 5 days later and she weighed 6lb they do get it wrong! Good luck for your MRI scan 🙏🏼

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I guess you just never really know then until after they are born. I shall just wait and see. After all, if there were any major problems, they wouldn’t have let me go home.

Thank you! :)

They get weights wrong a lot, especially if it's the tape measure from the midwife, it's really dependent on your body shape. My very tall skinny friend was told her baby was small and he was 10lb, my scans showed baby as being around 7lb (extra gestational diabetes scans) and she was 6lb 1.

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Wow yes, I guess you can never be sure until after they are born then. Sounds like it’d be best if I just wait and see (and don’t worry in the meantime ha!) for my MRI scan. It isn’t far away so hopefully I’ll know more soon.

Thank you! :)

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I don't think 'not worrying' is possible while you're pregnant 😊😊

One thing I found reassuring though was that my sonographer and obstetrico were really proactive. When baby hadn't grown much on my last scan they bought my induction forward and really put my mind at ease that they knew what they were doing.

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Very true! and ah that’s good. The place I’m at seem to know what they’re doing also so I’ll try to relax a little!

Hi, my 11 month old was closely monitored from 20 weeks of pregnancy due to bring on the small side and I had to have scans every week. One week to check the blood flow and the next week on the growth. I was never offered any tests such as MRI but was advised to be induced a month early to ensure the babies safety. There is a 10% margin on what they think the baby weighs. My son was very small 4ib 8oz but not bad for 36weeks x

Oh wow, every week is a lot, bless you! I’ll be having my next one in about two weeks, after my MRI. I’m wondering if they’ll probably give me steroids if she hasn’t grown much soon. I didn’t even think about them possibly inducing me earlier than full term. Thanks for sharing x

Hi yes I had two steroid injections at 36 weeks to help with the lungs before they would induce me x

Oh I see! Well that’s helpful to know, thank you! x

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