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Can it be false positive

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I am roughly 13dpo or 16dpo I am not sure but I kept having period pains for past two days thinking it will start but nothing. I did one step pregnancy test in the morning and it was clear positive then I did another one after half an hour and it's completely negative. Any suggestions, can I get a clear false positive?

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If you're first one was positive within the test time it's probably accurate. If you've read or after the v test time it could be an evaporation line.

At 13/16 dpo you'd still be very early so if you've done 2 wees in half an hour then you've probably not got enough hcg in your urine to turn the test positive.

Try again with your first wee of the day tomorrow and go from that test.

Isn't evaporation line grey in color?

I will test again tomorrow. Thanks for your reply

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No the evap line will be whatever colour the test is, it can give you a false hope if you read them outside the test time. I checked some after is had a negative and put them in the bin and a day later they looked positive but they weren't. Fingers crossed for you for this mornings test xx

Hi I took a test the day my period was due and it was much lighter than yours, so I did another one the same day and it was negative. I assumed I was seeing things and the first one was negative too or a false. Anyway the next morning I took a test with my first morning wee and it was positive! I'm now 24 weeks and 5 days! :) Test again tomorrow first thing!!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Happy to hear your positive outcome I will check it again today but if it's false positive that's a nasty one

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Fingers crossed for you

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