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After maternity leave

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I don’t know if this is allowed but I’m hoping for some help and advice.

Has anyone not returned to work after their maternity leave? I’m not wanting to return to work due to I was unhappy before I left and I want to spend more time with my child in her early years. I’m more worried about financial reasons. Will I still be entitled to claim benefits even though I have resigned myself? Do you need to pay your maternity pay back? Can anyone help me who has been through this?

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You don't need to pay back any maternity of you've have as statutory pay but if your work place offered any extra maternity benefits you'd need to check your contract to see what you would need to do as sometimes these need to be paid back. If you have an hr team they might be able to advise you.

You can claim universal credit if you meet the criteria. I looked into it and I didn't qualify for it as my husband earns too much so I wouldn't be able to get anything.

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Kal87 in reply to Seb9

I’m claiming universal credit now. I’m a single mum and only receive £11.000 PA. I’m my contract it has nothing to do with maternity or anything as it was a male environment. They didn’t have a maternity policy when I originally asked for one they had to type one up.

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Hi, if your workplace only provided smp them you do not have to pay anything back if you decide not to return to work. As you've said you are already on universal credit you just need to put a note in your journal when your maternity finishes and they will adjust the amount you receive, you will still be entitled to claim. Alot of people dont go back to work straight away as they cannot afford the childcare myself included x

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Hi lovely, 3 of our 6 NCT mums, including me, didn't go back!!! Too precious a time to miss with your baby I realised.

I also had nothing specific in my contract so didn't have any penalties or have to pay anything back etc. I'd have a look on the government website if I were you just to check what (if anything else) you might be entitled to xx

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Annalieseonline in reply to AJBee

I agree with this, if you resign and are on UC only you will be entitled to Healthy Start/Sure Start vouchers which gives you £3.10 off of milk/formula/fruits & veg and free vitamins until your child is 4 years or you start earning over £450 pcm (whichever happens first).

I also didn’t return to work and just updated my change of circumstances on my uc account.

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