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Re-useable nappy washing, help please!

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Hi all, I have started using re-useable nappies for my 3 month old. We are using the pocket type nappies where you re-use the wrap and there are pads that fit inside with plastic poppers. The instructions say you need to wash the soiled nappies at 60c but the wet ones can be washed at 40c. So my question is this, is there another way of cleaning the soiled nappies without a 60 wash? Everything I have apart from bedding is washed on 40. The shortest 60 wash on my machine is 2 3/4 hours 🙄 and to get even half a load of nappies to wash at 60 would take about a month!

Would it be OK to use anti bacterial washing liquid? Or maybe boil the nappies first on the hob (like my mum used to years ago) then wash them at 40?

I really don’t want to waste a 60 wash on 6 nappy pads every few days when my reasoning behind re-usables is environmental.

Any ideas welcome. Thanks

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We use reusable nappies and I do a wash every other day on 60 and put in all her clothes, towels, flannels, reusable wipes etc to get to a 3/4 load. I always wash the nappies on 60 whether they are only soiled or just wet. We have been using them since October and our nappies haven't got any Stinks or stains on them which is good.and they have remained waterproof.

Boiling them and using harsh Chemicals is not recommended, our parents used to have toweling nappies then a separate waterproof cover so they wouldn't have boiled up or put chemicals on the waterproof cover, with pocket nappies if you boil them you risk degradation on the waterproof outer bit.

If you're on Facebook there's the nappy lady group which can give advice on washing and also several other cloth nappy pages that are helpful.

I never wash mine at 60. Mine are a different type with velcro and you can only wash at a maximum of 30, so mine are only washed at this. You can dry them in the sunshine to help kill bacteria.

A second vote to check out both The Nappy Lady website and Facebook page here.

If you have pocket nappies, that you stuff with things you shouldn't be reusing the waterproof shells between changes. If you have a type that is just waterproof shell that you popper stuff to or a shell separate to the absorbant bits, that's ok to reuse.

I wash all my nappies and wipes at 40. Caveat on that is when he had the rotavirus jab I used disposable. I do a 60 wash once a month ish just in case.

Only use non-bio powder or it can degrade the fibers of some nappies, or the plastic (pul) waterproof bits. Never use liquid detergent or fabric softener on nappies as it can negatively affect absorbancy.

can I ask you all what brand you use? I’m currently looking into using reusable but so many options and things to consider. Any thoughts/advice welcome. Thanks!

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I use a mixture during the day of Baba and Boo pockets, Motherease Unos, little and bloomz pockets and little love bum all in ones. At night we use Tots Bots bamboozles with a Motherease Airflow Wrap 😊

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The whole thing is a bit of trial and error depending on the size and shape of your baby. I found this questionnaire helpful for some more personalised advice

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At the moment I'm only using during day time with my 3 month old and I bought a kit from little lamb of pocket diapers and a extra of 10 bamboo inserts

Hi all, thanks for your replies it’s the popper pad and re-useable wrap system we are using at the moment. It’s interesting to hear what you all do. 🙂

We have been using only reusable nappies for 19minths now. Little lamb work best for us. We have pocket nappies for day and bamboo massive nappies for nights. We wash them every other day at 40 and once a month at 60, or if he has a cold. We had no issue so far.

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