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Plus Size Labour


Is there anyone out there that has been near to 23 stone when giving birth?

I feel like I’m the fattest mom to ever birth a child and the advice I’m getting from the midwife is to automatically have an epidural because I won’t be able to handle the labour?

Can anyone who is plus plus size and I mean over 20 Stone ish tell me any positive birth stories?

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I was 16 stone when I had my baby, I'd had gestational diabetes and was induced. I had an epidural because the induction gave me powerful contractions before I was fully dilated and it was agony. After the epidural I just relaxed until I was ready to push, which was about 8 hours after the induction started so if I'd had the pain all day there's no way I'd have had the energy to push.

By the time I was fully dilated the epidural had mostly worn off so I could feel the contractions again and when I could do something with them it was bearable pain.

My midwifes advice was to get the epidural ASAP if I was induced and I am so glad I listened to her, I even managed a nap during the day while waiting to get fully dilated.

Whatever you decide to do, the choice is yours at the end of the day. If you choose not to have an epidural then they'll respect your wishes, but I'd definitely hear them out as to why they have suggested it.

Best of luck x

I was almost 20stone with my first. I did have an epidural, mai ly cause I wanted it tho. Didnt with my second (weighed a bit less with her), because there wasnt enough time so only had gas & air.

Not sure how being big and not managing labour pain are related tho.... I know sometimes they suggest a c section, ut if you're having a normal delivery ... dont see the point.

I wouldn't have opted for a water birth, mainly as in an emergency it would have been a struggle to get me out.

I would have thought to play it by ear and see how it goes.

Hey 😊 Have you watched big birthers on channel 5 catch up, it follows ladies with a little more to love 💖 It gives you an insight into their pregnancy and births so might be a worth a watch? All the best for your pregnancy xxx

I don't see how weight would correlate to being able to handle labour, perhaps a better question is are you active, can you move freely, can you stand for extended periods of time without being exhausted etc? You can be big and also have a lot of muscle too! Sure, weight is a risk factor for many things but I don't know to what extent it is correlation vs causality. In other words, it seems obvious that nurses/doctors would tell you that. So I would try asking them exactly why they said so, what is the real issue or risk they see there, and that'll help you see clearer! If their responses are convincing you'll take the decision to go for it in peace, too. If not, you'll know why. Also there's no right or wrong way to o it - what's important is for you to feel heard and powerful. <3

Hey Mama!

Two natural births here! Absolutely nothing to do with my weight hindered me in giving birth!

1st pregnancy 8 years ago was fine. I was induced and it was a long and tiring birth at 32 hours and had to be cut and forceps to get my son out! They did give me an epidural but it didnt work and to be honest i found the process traumatic and had nerve damage from it.

2nd pregnancy 2 years ago, was fine, AGAIN induced and not so long. Lost quite a bit of blood but they think it was because she shot out lol

I did have to have a few extra appointments and specialist because of my weight. Not once was i told i wouldnt be able to handle it.

Good luck Mama you have got this!

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