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Gestational diabetes’s maybe?

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Hello im 13 weeks and 6 days today my body won’t allow me to have any sugar because I throw it all back up and I get constipated from it my thirst is really bad I’m drinking six 2L bottles of water and peeing every 10 mins and I’m feeling faint should I get in contact with my midwife or see how it goes?

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Hi, I would contact you midwife about this now. If it is gestational diabetes then the sooner you know the better and can be easily rectified when caught soon. A glucose tolerance test can be done in hospital and a result within a day or two. I wouldn’t delay in contacting given that you’ve been feeling faint and drinking so much. All the best x

I certainly will thank you so much x

I had gestational diabetes and had no symptoms at all and diabetes doesn't cause you to vomit if you eat sugar, it just that your body doesn't process the sugar correctly, if it was this causing your sickness you'd also vomit after eating carbohydrates as they break down into sugar when you digest them. If you're drinking a lot, you will be watering down any nutrients you're eating and this will make you ill. If you're drinking so much it could be a sign of type 1 diabetes, so it's definitely worth getting checked out by your midwife.

Pretty sure it is not gestational diabetes. This does not develop until later in pregnancy, which is why you're not tested for it until after 24 weeks. It's likely just a small intolerance so cut back to smaller portions if you're eating anything sweet

Hi, although unlikely earlier in pregnancy it can develop early. My blood sugars were borderline during my booking appointment and they brought me in for a GTT at 13 weeks.

I was diagnosed with GD from the very start but never had your symptoms mentioned, nor any symptoms. I've never had diabetes beforenor in my 1st pregnancy. I'm 38 weeks now and have been monitoring my blood sugar levels 4x day and injecting insulin highly the whole way.

Best to get checked out because everyone reacts differently :):)

..injecting nightly

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