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Am I pregnant

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Hey girls.. I'am so confused. So basically my period is always 4 days ALWAYS.. on April 2nd it came just for a day then gone. 2 days before my normal period last month 6th we had unsafe sex.. so anyway after April 2 I been doing pregnancy tests every day for 4 days. 2 of them showed faint line in a first 2min.. fift day I got clear blue digital did it after 4 afternoon and it showed not pregnant so I left it how it is because everyone says this one don't lie. So this morning I did test why. faint line after first min appeared.. my next period should be on 29th.. gonna wait.. but I Bean reading a lot and it says any faint line in a first min is positive. But I am thinking about could it be any illness what causes that line..

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Did it appear in 3 mins?

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Just to be sure test again tomorrow morning

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I keep testing for 4 weeks now.. tested this morning still same.. can it be indent line

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If I was testing for that long I would call a gp and ask for help. It all sounds unusual and they may be able to do some tests x

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Going tomorrow in the morning to gp

The picture you put looks negative to me. If it were positive I would expect it to start getting darker and becoming pretty obvious after a few days.

Urine pregnancy tests are actually very reliable. Might be worth just waiting till your next period and testing then. Also if you only had unprotected sex just before your period you're unlikely to get pregnant. (Albiet never say never)

Go get a blood test

Booked for tomorrow at gp. Will see what's going on x

Oh and my period came at night 2 days too early and it was Brown and gone.. not bleeding as usual like of fountain first 2 days. Just few drops

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