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Periods after birth

Hello all wise people

Has anyone had issues with their period after giving birth? I had my baby at 42 after 7 years of trying and 6 rounds of ivf. He was born last year in july and since then, when I did start having my periods, they have been 52-57 day cycles. Is this normal? When should I expect a return to normality?

Thanks all xx

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I think it can depend on how you are feeding your baby. Breastfeeding can delay periods returning.

For me personally my periods returned 2 months after having Francesca ( even tho I was breastfeeding Francesca !) but I have endo so don’t know if that has a bearing on it.

Were your periods regular pre IVF?

Hopefully it’s things settling down & you will get back into a more regular cycles soon xxx

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Hi Jess1981

Thank you so much for replying. I was mix feeding from the start as Angus ate so much and it worked for us. Around 3 months he stopped breast feeding. So that was 6 months ago. My periods were regular before ivf. Only once during the 7 years, when one cycle was abandoned, did I have issues. I had a huge wait for one period but within a few months all was back to normal. I had thought I was returning slowly to normal as had 57 day then 52, so was half expecting to get my period this time even in the 40-odd days. But I am again in the 50s - day 54 now. I just wondered if i should be worried? Maybe i should ask my health visitor?


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My GP told me it takes a full year for the body to return to completely normal after having a baby. I suppose that makes sense it’s pretty intense on the body having a baby.

Definitely speak to a health visitor or whoever to get a medical opinion on it.

I can’t believe Angus is 9 months old already. Francesca will be a year old in 6 weeks time I don’t know where that time has gone! xxx

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It is really weird isn't it? Like time was in slow motion before they were born and now whoosh. I am loving every minute of it. And we have daddy with us all the time at the moment too which is an added bonus. Wow, a year already! Time is going so so fast xx

My periods came back at 6 months and were pretty much back to normal from the beginning. I’d hoped for a bit more respite cos I’m still breastfeeding.

Good to see your name on here and that things are going well. Do you think you’ll go again? X

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We would like to. Still have two on ice in barcelona.... the clinic advised to get in touch when I get my period in june (as I had a csection). I think we were thinking it might be october again. But with this worldwide pandemic who knows. I just feel so sad for everyone everywhere caught up in this whichever way. Trying to focus on positives. Angus really does keep us going. He is such a delight and i would love for him to have a sibling. I am now 43 though ha ha. How about you? X

It took mine 11 months to get back to normal. They started off at 22 days cycle then up to 40 day cycle. I thought I was heading for the peri menopause😩. And my PMT was through the roof. All back to normal now though thankfully. Hope you’re all well?xx

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Sorry you had to go through that. It is the first thought though isn't it after going through all these procedures. Thank you for sharing. We are all really well thank you. Hope you are all well too? X

Hey. I breastfeed and got my period when my baby was nearly 10 months. My cycles were much longer to start with, around 37 days. The last few months they are getting shorter, around 28 days which is average. Before baby I had 26 day cycles so almost back to normal for me (or maybe 28 is my new normal).

It is definitely normal for them to be all over the place for a while. I had a bleed at around 6 months but then nothing again for 4 months.

It is good that you are tracking. Are they actually getting shorter? As I say mine were around 37 days and then got shorter and shorter. Perhaps they will just take a while to settle. Give it some time and speak to your HV if you are worried.

Hope you and Angus are well


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Thank you. I will definitely speak with the health visitor. Just good to get reassurance on here as usual xx

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Definitely. I like hearing everybody else's experiences - it makes you feel less alone! Everyone is different, but I don't think it is abnormal for periods to be erratic after giving birth. Xx

i'm the opposite. EBF 4 month old and having a period every 2 weeks! :-(

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Oh wow that's tough x

Can’t advise really. Are you still breastfeeding? I’ve had two periods now. My first was 7 months in. They’re very heavy. About 34 days apart so just a couple days out from what I used to be.. Not at all what I’m used to. I’m still breastfeeding so I was shocked to get af at all tbh xx

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Not breastfeeding any more and he stopped it around 3 months as my supply just wasnt up to his demand ha ha. X

I had my LG last March and my periods are still not back to normal. I have 2 bleeds a month. The last 2 I have been bleeding for 1 day then will have a period 3 weeks later.

When I spoke to nurse when I last got pill review which was 3 months ago, she said periods sometimes don’t return as normal.

It’s really annoying, but I’ve kind of got used too it now, but when I’m due for my next review, I will mention it again. x

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Wow. It is one side effect I didnt expect. Although I guess from the impact i saw of the ivf rounds I guess it should not be a surprise. X

Are you using an app to track? I am using Ovia and this month it has got my period spot on! Been tracking since October. I had the start of the period today but thought it was early, checked the app and it said start day today, 29 day cycle (so still later than my normal). X

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Yes, I am currently on day 48. I had a 52 day cycle, then a 47 and goodness knows what I will have this time. We will see I guess x

Am 37 and I had my baby 15 week ago am having a period that are lasting 2 weeks it's not like they was before I had my baby

My little boy is 11 months and breast fed but my period returned when he was 6 months and coincided with him sleeping through the night (unfortunately the sleeping didnt last but the periods have!) I started on a 28 day cycle and it's now gone to 34. I was expecting them to be a bit all over the place to start with x

Nice to see your name pop up! My LO is 9 months now too 😊 I’ve combi fed (gradually progressing to more bf than bottle) and still no period 🤷🏻‍♀️ Can’t say I’m missing it, just as long as everything is ok.

Glad you and baby are doing well x

Mine came back when baby was 11 months old. He was breastfed until 13 months but it coincided with him going to nursery and me being back at work so at that point I was just feeding him once a day.

They were fairly regular from the start - between 25 and 30 days which is similar to before. I’m 36 and little boy is now nearly 2 x

Oh my gosh, I thought I wrote this by myself! My LG is 7 weeks old now and I'm 43 year old! I tried 8 years and eventually had an egg donation in Spain. My period just has started and it came with my usual horrible PMS. Because of early menopause I'd been taking hormone related supplement(star flower/evenng primrose)since age of 40 until IVF. I had a regular period before with huge pain plus horrendous PMS. I think my body needs time to adjust hormone system with new experience.

Reflexology was very helpful to regulate the cycle of my period before, but unfortunately it's not possible now.

Hopefully you can find a solution soon. xxx

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Yes, a strange world we are in now isn't it. X

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