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Contraception After Birth

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My little beautiful baby boy is 4 weeks old and after having a phone conversation with my G.P about my c-section wound being infected and being given a prescription for antibiotics he asked about contraception. I told him I wanted to go back on the pill and he gave me a prescription for it so I did not have to do 2 trips to the pharmacy during the lockdown. He said it was safe to take while I was breastfeeding and I could take it from my baby being 3 weeks old.

I have not started taking it yet but because I did not take it on day 21 do I have to start taking it when I start my period again or can I just start taking it on any day?

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Probably when you start your period again

If you are breastfeeding it could be months before you actually have a period. Even without breastfeeding it was 8 weeks before I had a period. You can start taking the pill now, it is safe.

Even of you are not having periods are still very fertile after giving birth. It is ultimately up to you but don't feel you have to wait for you period.

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Thank you for your reply. I will start taking it from today. I didn't know breastfeeding delayed your period so thank you for that advice :) x

Definitely start straight away. Breastfeeding stops your period generally but you are really fertile right now and could easily get pregnant again without even knowing. Congratulations xx

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Thank you for your reply. I will start taking it from today. I know I am extra fertile right now and I've been told I must wait at least 2 years before having another baby due to having a c-section so I can't risk getting pregnant but didn't want to take it at the wrong time and it not be effective so thank you for your advice :) x

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Hey start taking it use extra protection for 7 days and then your covered. How come uve been told tonwait 2 years I wasn't. Lol but 6 years I went between c sect then I had natural birth home alone amazing how different they are . Xx

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Because it was my second so they want me to wait so it has fully healed. My first was 9 years ago then I had a natural birth 3 years ago but my little boy was measuring big so had to have another c-section unfortunately which I've been told if I want any more children it's got to be another c-section hence having to wait 2 years x

I had a c section and was also breastfeeding. I started the pill after my 6 week check on a random day, my period had not come bk.

Thank you I will start it today then :) x

I think you can not take oestrogen if you are breastfeeding.please chech with your gp.

Yes if you had a c section two years wait is best

I've got the progesterone pill so it is safe to use while I am breastfeeding my GP has told me it's fine. And I also stopped bleeding about a week ago. I won't need any other contraceptive however as I am not ready to have sex yet. Its only been just under 5 weeks since my c-section so I don't feel ready just yet but thank you for the advice :) x

Are you still bleeding? Remember you can still pregnant, you might extra conception the pill might take a while to kick in

You welcome hon, congrats on baby. Hopd Cesarean heals in good time.

Goodluck xxx

Thank you 🙂 x

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