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Too much sleep?!? 4.5 month old


4.5 month old is now in own cot in own room. She couldn’t fit in her Moses basket anymore and cot won’t fit in our room. She now sleeps 6.30 to 7.30 sometimes wakes for a bottle about 3-5ish. Is this too much sleep. She has just been going through a sleep regression waking every 1/2 hours ( lasted 4-5 weeks)

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We’re in the middle of the sleep regression, I hope ours sleep through after this 🤞

Emlaemla in reply to Lowamh

It’s so hard and exhausting! Fingers crossed

We are at the sleep regression stage too with 4 month old, please tell me it ends! Been like it for about 3 weeks now!

Emlaemla in reply to Sarah_37

this was 5 weeks ago. Start of lock down. Can say I gets better. I know it’s so hard. I think weaning and loads of naps helped

Sarah_37 in reply to Emlaemla

We’ve just resorted to trying a bit of baby porridge at night to see if it helped as he’s a chunky monkey so I thought maybe I wasn’t filling him enough. Hasn’t really made much of a difference although he does enjoy it. Hopefully we will be out the other side soon, he’s fighting his naps in the day and has been a bit grumpy as a result xx

That sleep sounds amazing! We’re too going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and it’s tough. Some days I think we’ve cracked it only for the next day to be back to where we started! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Doesn’t sound like too much sleep though, sounds perfect actually! Xx

Hi there. We missed the 4 month regression but got a 6 month regression instead with our baby, now 7 months. She's always slept well. I got fed up of people (HV...) suggesting I wake her to feed. Provided they're tracking their weight percentile and taking feeds well then I wouldn't worry about waking your little one. If they've cracked sleeping through the night like our baby did at 3 months (yep, sorry!) then don't let anyone guilt you into doing something your not comfortable with, like waking a sleeping baby at 3/4/5 am for a feed... ps. Glad you made it through the regression, I discovered at 6 months and with first tooth through it's not fun for anyone! X

Hey my baby is 6 months wen he was 10 days he started sleeping thru but hv said to wake him every 3 hours because in 2 days he hadn't out on weight . I tried for 2 nights wake him feed him then in day he was so unsettles so stopped and he was fine. He upped his bottles quickly and was on 7 ounces bout 12 weeks 5 bottles a day . He started weaning at 3 months because he needed it. Now at 6 months he has 3 x 7 oz bottles and 3 meals . He sleeps 8 till 7 normally but now its like 10 till 10 so he's happy . Try feeding him filling stuff at tea time and then bed bottle might see him thru . But what ever u do u no what's best for ur baby . My hv wasn't happy me weaning him but the midwife I had when I come home sed he was born like a 3 month old so wud need early he was holding his head up day of birth and after 8 weeks didn't like been held like baby had b up constantly . Hope U get baby sleeping how u want . They say a 6 month shud have a solid 11 hours at night plus naps dont worry of sleep alot could b growth spurt xxx

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