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Morning Sickness - 1st Pregnancy

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Hey, I’m currently really early into my 1st (shock) pregnancy. The morning sickness is real, I can’t sleep or eat, I’m not vomiting but I just feel faint all the time. I’ve tried pretty much everything from seabands, ginger, plain crackers, trying to eat little/often etc. Do I call my doctor? I’m just worried as when I called them before they told me to wait for my first scan. That’s quite a few weeks away for me, I’m really suffering now..

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They can prescribe something for you. I was given Cyclezine. It helped a bit but I was sick from 8-20 weeks. It was awful 😬 not sure why you need to wait for your scan. Hope you feel better soon.

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TBH they didn’t even want to speak to me when I called up to say ‘I’m pregnant’ - they basically told me to refer myself and wait it out. I’ve got a telephone appointment at some point today, so hopefully they help!

Thanks :)


I've had morning sickness before & the docs did say they can give you medicine to help calm it, but none of them are licensed medicine so they can't say they are 100% without any side effects - this put me off!

I have found that drinking water when feeling sick has helped, along with our fridge being stacked full of frubes! Personally I found anything dry IE crackers, biscuits etc makes this a lot worse & wet foods helped.

Good luck & try to keep your mind busy xx

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ahh okays, i will send the boyfriend out to grab me some!

thanks! xx

I'm 11 weeks, morning sickness started around 6 weeks and it is starting to go away now. Try to have a biscuit before you get out of bed, and lay there for about half an hour before you get up, but get up slowly! Yoghurts and ice pops helped me, as did salt and vinegar crisps. Hope you start to feel better soon. Xx

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i think i’m around 7 weeks and i’ve been like it for 2 already (1 week not knowing/1 week knowing i was pregnant)

i’ve been pretty much bed bound this weekend! it’s really starting to stress me out, i will make the boyfriend go shops! thanks xx

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No probs. I know everyone is different, my sister couldn't face cereals, but I've started to really enjoy them. Also, the thought really put me off, but bananas have helped me too. Ginger did nothing for me xx

Hey JLLWM, I’m in the same situation as you, about 7 weeks pregnant, 1st pregnancy and I have been bed bound with really bad nausea. Salty crackers and yoghurts have helped me but in small amounts! I too have a Drs call today, but they also didn’t want to know until the first scan! Hope you are ok xxx

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oh thats so cool, we must be due around the same time! i have frubes 😂 which have helped a little from yesterday. doctors didnt care yesterday, gave me a couple days worth of anti sickness and said it will go in a few months. hope you are okay xx

Uurgh it really is horrible. The only thing that helped me was eating a little something every hour. Satsumas were really good.

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