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trying to conceive!!!

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Hi i am TTC, ive been with my partner 9 years now are we are desperate to start the next chapter in out lives, but unfortunately it hasn't happened yet :(. i have come on here for advice on how other people got pregnant after trying for a while, what worked for them etc. also has anyone on here tried any conceive plus products? i am thinking of purchasing some, they have amazing reviews :) so im hopeful that they will help me get pregnant. any advice would be really appreciated thank you x

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Have you had any blood tests done yet?

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Hi thank you for your reply. I did have blood test done, a while back now thou everything come back fine. I also had a ultrasound scan to rule out PCOS a few years back that was also fine. I’ve just bought some concieve plus tablets and also OptiBac probiotics because I have had recurring bacterial vaginosis for around 5 years and I have found out that unbalanced vaginal discharge can actually affect sperm and stop it from reaching the egg so I’m hoping that these tablets help me out. If all else fails then I’m going to go back to the doctors when all this Coronavirus calms down thank you x

Hi Chel90,

How long have you been trying for?x

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Hi I havnt been on contraception now for 8 years!! But we havnt really been TTC and sorry for to much info but he didn’t always ejaculate inside me 🙈 and I’ve never really paid attention to when I ovulate ect. So I just bought some ovulation tests and I’m going to make sure we have sex every 2-3 days for the best chance. Thank you for your reply x

Hi. We TTC for 4 years then fell naturally but had a MMC, no further pregnancies in the next 2 years, we opted for IVF but we had to go private as my partner has children. Have you been checked out by a fertility team? You can be referred by your GP and they can do bloods on you and partner, semen analysis and for yourself, ultrasound scan for ovaries and uterus to check for abnormalities and cysts etc, and a dye test to check your tubes arent blocked. I would definitely advise you get this looked into. Otherwise, a healthy diet and lifestyle would always be good, but not knowing if there are any conditions stopping you from concieving theres no other advice I could offer.

Thyroid, IBS, Diabetes and autoimmune disorders can affect fertility. Good luck in your journey xxx

Me and my partner were ttc for about a year and a half before I fell pregnant. I had this pre-concieved idea that because I was 28 (pretty young imo) that I was going to fall pregnant very quickly but obviously that wasn't the case! Unfortunately I spent the first year stressing about it loads and let it consume my life, I would cry all the time and be terrible company because I just didn't realise why it wasn't happening for us (which in all honesty probably made our chances even worse) . After that I started taking pregnacare and my husband went and got sperm analysis done! His sperm levels were fine. I was also classed as underweight when we decided to try, and I was quite small, so I did try and gain some weight as I knew that would only benefit me. After a year passed and my husband sperm being fine, I decided to try and forget about wanting a baby and just live my life, I'd let it consume me so much that I wondered whether it would be better to put it to the back of my mind, forget working out best days to try and planning etc and low and behold I became pregnant about 4 and a half months later! I found out when I was 6 weeks gone! I cant say whether the pregnacare had anything to do with it, hadn't really taken much, probably about 3 months worth before falling pregnant. Stress does so many things to our bodies and I truly believe that it had a part to play in our journey. The first late period and negative test led by so many more! I know I also had a poor diet, that coupled with being underweight probably wasn't a good combo. Maybe try and assess your lifestyle and see if there are any changes you can make? Also the obvious of stressing less... it will happen when you least expect it if you take a step back and let it happen naturally, not when its surrounded by meticulous planning and thought! Enjoy your intimacy and have fun.

Hope this helps somewhat. xx

I was trying for 7 years and nothing... finally got pregnant from my new partner couldn’t believe it then I lost my baby and pat week found out I’m pregnant again my advice which I know it sucks so bad every month to have a negative test is to get the app to track your period and have sex every day or other day when your ovulating and even a day or four after just in case you might ovulate on weird days depending on your period or it might be your insurance will pay for testing really only do some simple blood work to see how your healthy one dr actual was willing to help me find out when I was ovulating. Hope you find out what going on only advice I have just keep having sex on the right days.

Hi,I was trying for 2 years and read countless papers, forums advice websites etc. Not sure if any of it worked but I did get pregnant. I started by cutting out all caffeine, started taking raspberry leaf and vitamin e 400. I think I took the vitamin E everyday but raspberry leaf up until ovulation.

I also used ovulation tests and pre seed.

I also tried acupuncture once and got pregnant the next cycle.

Me and partner tried for 3 years and after multiple miscarriages. After 1 year went drs and started tests. All came back normal or really good. We were entitled to IVF and we’re due to start this last April on a Monday, the Saturday before I found out I was pregnant. I did nothing different and was adamant it was stress and the wanting to get pregnant. All the best

The Fertility Network is a brilliant support for those struggling to conceive. I would suggest joining up and posting this on there too ❤️

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