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Hi all,

I am mom of 8 weeks old girl and now I am experiencing mental stress due to Breastfeeding issues, I am not sure what is going wrong my little one sucks within 5 mins on every feed and even my breast becomes very soft like ballon after she sucks .she becomes restless on my breast and I offer her another breast even there she stays only for 10 mins which make me feel that Am i producing less milk. She is not pooing regularly and we are in position to provide her with formula often which make me to stress more. She sleeps Hardly for an hour and she wants to feed often, but my breast is not full within an hour , it takes 3 hours to get leaky breast but she is not giving that much time between feeds and I feel because of that she gets only little and become restless. Any advice on how to improve milk supply and any one experience the breast getting emptied within 5 mins and becoming so soft like balloon and not getting refilled after offering on another breast at same time ? Many say if one breast is emptied and while offering another the first one gets filled but that is not happening with me.

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As your breasts regulate to your babies needs they don't need to become full, they'll have in them the amount they need. The way I've been told to think about it is that they're rivers not lakes, there will always be milk there, just the more baby drinks from you the faster the river will flow. Using formula might mean that your flow is not regulating as your body doesn't think you need it to be producing so much.

At 8 is there's a big growth and development spurt so they could be fuss your boob to up your supply.

The best way to up supply is letting baby feed as much as possible, lots of skin to skin and cuddles. Switch breasts a couple of times each feed and cut down/it the formula to ups.

After about 8 weeks it's fairly common for breastfed babies not to poo everyday, my little girl would go about every third day, my friends little girl once went 12 days. It's very normal. As long as baby is having wet nappies and weight gain, I wouldn't worry too much.

There's a really good Facebook grip called UK breastfeeding, or websites like kellymom and la leche league have got lots of really good breastfeeding advice xx

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Thanks Seb9. Yes she is having good heavy nap pies , but not pooing , initially as well she was having this problem and doctor told she is having only first milk and not 2nd stage. Due to this she did not come back to her birth weight until 22 days, so doctor advices to have formula as well.

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As long as her belly is nice and soft, she's having mustard coloured liquid poo and not struggling then poo every few days is fine as long as she's putting on weight.

If you let her feed from one boob for a long as possible before changing bonds she will be getting the fattier parts of the milk, but your body will keep producing milk all the time she won't be able to drain you only have a slower flow and harder time getting the milk out (which is what the fussing is about).

If baby is gaining weight and having wet nappies, sounds like you're doing a great job.

With the formula and bottles of you have a look at pace feeding so that they don't develop a bottle preference as it is easier for them to gulp back a bottle than to get the milk from your boob. Then you might be able to do less formula and get back to just breastfeeding.

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Here's an article from Kelly mom about fore and hind milk too which is really interesting

Has she always been like this or just recently? Has she been checked for a tongue tie? Are you getting a good diet?x

Thanks Florence, No she was ok first 2 weeks of 2 Nd month but she got cold and she was not able to suck on my breast we started expressing and giving her for 2 days after that with nasal drops she was able to suck on my breast but during those time my breast was heavy within an hour so, now totally changed it is soft always, since she becomes restless sometime on breast it makes me feel no milk and we provide her with formula though she has sucked on both my breast she have formula as well which makes us feel she is not getting enough

Breasts only tend to feel full or leak when your supply is regulating. After 8 weeks you will probably only get that if you leave it longer than usual between feeds. It's a bit weird to get used to.

On speed of emptying, it's what happens when you both get used to breastfeeding. My daughter sped up massively at about 8 weeks. She can now empty both in 5 minutes but will stay on longer for comfort. Also there will be some left just the flow decreases after those 5 minutes.

Try not to worry too much, if there is wet nappies and weight gain your doing it right.

Thanks Claire , due to lockdown yet we did not have 6 and 8 weeks check up plus immunisation hope to have check soon to see her weight

I very rarely had my daughter weighed it was always when my little one was napping. If she was looking bigger and growing out of her clothes I knew she was gaining weight. It's all so difficult at the minute but what you described is normal.

Hi!! You're not alone! This was me a few months ago! My son never was a long feeder but at 5 weeks he suddenly started doing 5 minute feeds! I remember as I asked my HV if that's normal on her 6 week visit. And I've asked many more HV afterwards as it was giving me anxiety that he just wasn't getting enough as he feeds so little and so often 1-1.5 hrs! I was told that's fine for BF babies and some do as often as half hour. They said as long as there's wet diapers and he's gaining weight normally it's all good. I've worried about my sons weight constantly but tbh he always stayed on the same percentile sometimes bit up sometimes bit down. Just follow your girls lead and try not to worry (i know it's almost impossible not to).

My boy is now 6 months and tbh he's never got better, he feeds between 2-5 minutes every 1.5-2 hrs. Now with solids I worry slightly less that he's getting enough milk.

As the others have said your breast doesn't need to be super full to have milk, these babies are really efficient getting any milk out of us :)

Big hugs, you're doing really well!

Also don't forget even during lockdown you can still contact the health visitors and ask them for advice or just reassurance (believe me I asked so many times)


Thanks dear, hope I am not alone she wants the milk the same way it come during the start of feed, she doesn’t have patients and become restless

My son did the same, I just offered the other side when he started being upset /restless. As long as she's having wet nappies and gaining weight along her percentile it's all good x

The 'breastfeeding network' provide free peer support over the telephone from other parents who have been there, and understand ❤️ You have done the right thing in reaching out for support- I really hope you get the answers you need and you start to feel happier soon! Sending loads of positivity & hugs xx

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Thanks shelley

With breast fed babies they do tend to poop less anyway so as long as there are plenty of wet nappies I wouldn’t worry about that. Breast feeding can be stressful you think it’ll be the most natural thing in the world but it doesn’t always work out like that! I also believe stress doesn’t help with milk supply! I hope you can work it out but I would say if you feel bottle is the way to go don’t beat yourself up about it.

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im sorry to hear of your stress xx some great info and advice already given. i heard that oats increases supply; and I have to say it did for me...I love porridge and found my breasts were extra full the next day. to the extent I had to cut down on the amount of times I had porridge for breakfast as it was giving me too much milk, and messing with our supply and demand pattern lol! Maybe worth a try if you really do feel it's your supply that's the problem.

I will say that my son (baby 2) was exactly as you describe...5 mins each feed, feeding every 1hr to 1.5hr! was completely normal, but I did freak out as it was so different to baby 1. I second what pp said about growth spurt and developmental leap around 8 weeks....could be a reason for the fussy behaviour.

let me assure you, things do get easier!

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Thanks , let me try out oats as well. If she is satisfied with 5 mins feed I won’t have stressed but she becomes restless after 5 mins once she sucked the milk stored

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bambinos in reply to Jas90

how you getting on? hope you and baby are well x

Hi Dharu,

Sorry to hear you are stressed, I went through a lot of what you are going through with my son.

He was EBF for the first 5 months of his life and only ever pood maximum once per week, often he went 10-12 days without pooing and I was always worried! Now he is on some solids he poos everyday, sometimes twice. Some breastfed babies have hardly any waste to eject so she is probably using up all the calories, no need to worry unless the poo is hard?

My son also only slept for short bursts as well and fed often (up to 14 times a day for the first 3-4 months) so you are most likely producing the right amount for your little bubba - you are the perfect team! Her tummy is still so tiny and she probably gets enough to fill her up. She may also be a fast feeder? Some babies get what they need in a short space of time.

Also, exhaustion. It is a nightmare with a newborn and lack of sleep makes EVERYTHING harder.

You are doing a great job. Keep reaching out to mamas as we can empathise with your situation and helps to know we all worry/stress/suffer the same. Xxx

Hi I'm going to report you everytime I see your secret of tea post. Please stop spamming people. Your advice is incorrect and possibly dangerous. Not that you care otherwise you wouldn't do it.

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I’ve reported them so many times for the tea posts too - looks like they’ve finally shut down their profile or been kicked off, but they’re using multiple profiles as also spamming miscarriage and cancer posts (classy hey?)

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Vile people! Makes me so cross 😡

When your depressed your milk dries up! Try and go on some medication, you may not be producing enough. Are you eating plenty and fluids? they should feel hard before every feed..

Hi there, If is any better you are not the only one. I have struggled with breastfeeding from day 1. I have started taking some tablets Domperidone prescribed by the GP at the recommendation of a certified lactation consultant. I am still not sure if it is working because my 7 weeks baby feeds for 1 hour from both sides and hardly sleeps between feeding. Sometimes I have to top up because he is restless.

After the feeds I would hand express and there is still milk coming but when I see how fast he is drinking from the bottle makes me think is not enough.

There are also some natural herbs called Fenugreek, oats, special tea, relaxing, skin to skin. Maybe works for you.

All I can say is very exhausting, can't do much, lack of sleep, but if baby is having wet nappies and gaining well you should keep up this amazing job ! They will take as much as they need I guess.

Don't get discouraged. The poo problem try not to worry unless you think the baby is constipated. Some BF babies tend not to poo for very long time, 5, 6 days. As long as is not hard when it comes out. Take care and try and continue to do what your doing. Lots of love

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