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Positive pregnancy test? Opinions?

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Hi everyone,

I’ve not felt right for a few days so started taking pregnancy tests. The last few days I wasn’t sure if I could see a shadow but today I think there is an actual line.

I’ve been starring at a lot of tests so thinking I might just be seeing things. I’m on the cerelle pill and haven’t had any periods so not sure how far along I could be.

What do you guys think?

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I see a faint line, maybe do a tear in a few days time to see if it’s darker. Have you missed any pills?


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Sunshine1902 in reply to Woo19

Yes I’ll keep testing to check. No I don’t think so however I do get migraines frequently and throw up from them. I thought I was always careful when this happened though x

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Woo19 in reply to Sunshine1902

Oh dear, if you have been sick they won’t be in your system and therefore won’t work necessarily. I would go to the doctor to discuss it and see if you can change. Take a tear in a few days but, I think there’s a possibility you’re pregnant x

Looks negative to me. Just check in a few days, first morning urine again if you're unsure. You could always get a digital one.

Looks like a line to me.... Congratulations 👏👍

Thank you. The lines haven’t really gotten any darker and the pregnancy test at the doctors came back negative so they’re currently running blood tests to see if I’m pregnant or not x

Is it pink line or grey in real, I think its positive but you should check it again tomorrow. Best of luck

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Sunshine1902 in reply to mariyas

It’s pink but haven’t had any darker lines so my doctor has taken some blood and is running tests to see if I’m pregnant or not

Update? Was there a line?

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Sunshine1902 in reply to gcw104

Had more faint lines but so far they haven’t gotten darker. Had a pregnancy test done at the doctors which came back negative. Because I’m still having symptoms and had a slight bleed on Friday he took blood and is running lots of tests. Currently unsure what is going on and whether I’m pregnant or not 🤨

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