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Should I go for my scan



I’m 11 weeks pregnant and worried about going for my dating scan in 2 weeks.

I already had a private scan at 8 weeks and know the expected due date, that there is only 1 baby and that everything is okay and it’s growing in the right place.

I live in Bristol about a 40 minute walk from the hospital and my husband and I don’t drive. We have been social isolating and it just feels a bit weird to be going into a place near to where coronavirus patients are. The walk there will also be stressful as my experience of walking to my clinic appointment a few days ago wasn’t great as other people don’t seem to want to keep at an appropriate distance.

Do you think I should go? What would you do?

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Hi, I am in the exact same predicament, I have my 12 week scan on Tuesday, and I found out yesterday that my husband is now not aloud to come to the clinic as they are trying to cut down on the number in the waiting room, which is understandable, but still heart breaking that he will not be there with me. I am going to go and my husband is going to wait in the car for me, however I am extremely anxious about it

Could you FaceTime him the whole time you’re in there. I’m sure the people working there won’t mind. It’s quite a big event for him to miss.

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in my experience, phones have to be turned off during procedures

Yes we weren't allowed to take a video clip of our scan for relatives.. you never know if they might bend the rules in these crazy times though?

I would still go if I were you, the 12 week scan is an important one as well as giving you an expected due date, they measure everything to make sure he/she is developing as it should be. I can't comment on what they do for private scans as I didn't have one but they make sure blood is flowing to and from the heart, make sure all its little organs are forming and of course they give you the choice if you want to have the downs/pataus/edwards testing done. As well as checking head circumference, length of limbs etc.

I can only speak from my own experience, but I was at the hospital on Tuesday for my 38 week check up and they are being very cautious to spread the timings so that you don't come into contact with anyone, it's all very overwhelming to be honest (was maybe just me and my hormones!) And theres signs everywhere. Does your trust offer hospital transport? This could be an option for you if you don't have a car? This is all personal choice of course but I would just want to know that all was ok x

I was due mine today. I cancelled in because my little one was unwell so self isolating. I had a private scan and Harmony blood test last week ... however midwife told me we should reschedule the scan anyways.

The scans are really important. I went for my dating scan on Tuesday alone. I had also had a private scan done the week before and they said nothing is wrong but the NHS scan found 3 abnormalities so now having lots of other tests. Definitely go maybe make a sign that says "pregnant, please keep your distance" or just tell these ignorant people!! Good luck

Hi bunintheoven,

I went for my 12 week scan on Monday and I just wanted to assure you that they are being super careful in the maternity areas. There was hardly anyone there when we went but I was allowed my husband with me.

As others have said, this is a really important scan because it checks for things like the fluid on the neck, which can only be done from 11 weeks onwards. It isn’t just to confirm dates. You also have a blood test when you are there to calculate any risk factors.

I know it’s scary but they are being extremely careful so it’s really important not to miss these key appointments xx

If you already had a private scan, 12 weeks scan won’t tell you anything new. If you are not comfortable going with current situation I would just cancel it in advance.

I have a midwife appointment next week and planning to cancel it if she refuses to do a video call. I’m more worried about my 20 weeks scan in 3.5 weeks, when we will be at the peak of pandemic. I most likely delay it. The scans are not mandatory and it’s up to you if you want to do them. The main thing I will have to go is whooping cough vaccine in a week or two, so really scared. I think it’s something I actually have to do.

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There is a huge difference between a scan at 8 weeks and 12 weeks x

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Massively x

12 weeks scan it's very important for all the details and other tests that you can choose to be checked for. In my opinion you should go and being careful nothing wrong will happen to you. Just keep the distance from everyone, everyone is scared so hopefully they'll keep the distance anyway. I had my antenatal check two days ago (I'm 31 weeks) I was concerned just like you, I walked 25 minutes, I was afraid in the same way but, the desire to know that every thing is ok with the baby was stronger. They have had precautions, just one for visit, wash your hand as soon as you get in, not to many people in the waiting area they called everyone to make sure everybody knew the exact waiting time, and everything went smoothly. I know the fear is making us feel so stressful but, with the right precautions let's hope nothing will happen to none of us at this stage of our life. Hopefully until the due date will be better because that's the problem, we have to stay longer at the hospital and then the baby may get infected until then we can't transmit nothing to them witch is quite important.

Good luck and don't worry you're not alone xxx

Hi there, this is my first time posting on here! I'm very glad you asked this as I'm in exactly the same boat, my dating scan is a week on Monday. I'm extremely anxious about it due to everything that is going on. I've already had 2 private scans as my anxiety is through the roof because I had a missed miscarriage over 3 years ago, I didnt know about earlier scans and found the dreaded news at the dating scan. And we have struggled with infertility since... I have also paid for the NIPT test so hopefully will get those results back soon so am really wondering if I should still go in... and to top it off I've been feeling really poorly and had a bad water infection with an upset stomach! Any help greatly received xx

I went for mine yesterday, the medical centre was letting one person at a time into the waiting room, they asked you to hand gel, they kept 2 people sat opposite sides of the waiting room where they had to have two people.

Just do not be afraid to speak to passers by on the street and state they should be keeping a distance. I did whilst I was walking home as someone kept walking near me so, I just said can you please either walk in front or behind me.

There’s not much you can do aside this by, try to remain as calm as you can.

Good luck

I went to my scan yesterday, the nurses were very professional and cleanliness was of high importance to them. During the scan they went through all of the parts of the baby they were measuring and checking and explained the importance of the scan so personally I would go especially as it goes into your records and it is possible that things may have changed since 8 weeks. My partner wasn’t even allowed in the hospital but I completely understand that it’s for the safety of everyone there. We are going to have a private one done as well so he can come and have the experience.

I’m in a similar situation- had an early private scan at 7 weeks and I have my first NHS scan in 2 weeks (I will then be 13 weeks). I’m an NHS worker myself and haven’t been able to self-isolate as a result. I will definitely attend my appointment, without my partner, and will continue taking all the necessary social distancing measures I’ve been following. Staff won’t put themselves in any risky situation and they have to follow the rcog guidance. I think the benefits of the blood test & scan outweigh the low risk of contracting the virus if all necessary precautions are taken. Good luck with whatever you choose to do :)

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