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Nappies, help please!

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Hi everyone. I’m a first time mum and i’m struggling with nappies on my 9 week old baby. We are having daily poonami incidents and the nappies leak up her back and into her armpits, and down her legs. This happens even if i’ve caught her in the act and changed her straight away. Am I putting them on wrong or is this usual? She’s breastfed and very well (has been checked by the nurse and is well), she just poos (and pees) loads! Any advice welcome.

(I also have some reusable nappies but she is too small for these at the moment)

Thanks 🙂

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You might be using a too small size or putting them on a bit tight. The tighter they are the more explosive the poop when it's got no where to go!

Once she's in the reusables you'll be fine, they're so much better at containing them 😁

I had this with my little boy.... I wasnt using wrong size or doing them to tight.... he just liked to poop alot.... my hv said it is normal they can go through stages like this.... in the end I put a bigger size on him they was a bit big but never had no accident after.... so maybe try the next size up they might look big on but it should help x

I love your description poonami! Try a bigger nappy, but they do poo and wee a lot when theyre little so dont worry!xx

I found some brands were just the wrong shape for my little one. Try a few different brands if you can. We found that different brands at different times contained most of the poo. Some brands the wee just seemed to come straight out like it didnt fit properly around the legs.

Thanks very much for the tips, will try some different brands/sizes. 👍

Try Sainsbury’s own brand nappies I found them especially great with Poonamis. Xxx

We have always used Aldi from birth, she’s 1 now and we have never had a problem. We have had the odd leak, but you will get that with any nappies.

I would maybe try and different size, before you try different nappies x

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