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Lockdown and pregnancy


How are other mums to be thinking about lockdown? Worrying? The anxiety starts to get to me with all this staying indoors. What about our scan and antenatal appointments? Does anyone know)!i expect they will happen as planned as they’re critical!

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Hi Mama_Prawn,

I went for my 12 week scan today at the hospital, spoke to the midwife about the impending lockdown and they said scans would continue as normal and so would midwife app as they are really important.

I’ve been staying home for two weeks now, it’s not ideal but try and do stuff to keep yourself busy! Have you planned your nursery yet? Could be a good project to take your mind off it all xx

Mama_Prawn in reply to KiboXX

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been staying at home for 4-5 weeks now since finding out about the pregnancy and with the coronavirus going around.

How did your scan go? That’s reassuring to know all our appointments are going ahead as usual! It’s still worrying going into the hospital though. No I haven’t planned the nursery. I don’t think we’ll do too much, it will just going to be our spare room rearranged to make room for baby stuff when time comes that we need to start buying things xx

Hi there

I think antenatal appointments and scans will go ahead but in our local area you can only take one person with you (as long as they are well) and no children. This was disclosed today.

I’m feeling the same with anxiety. I have two year old twins who have both had a fever and a cough. We all went into self isolation and then my husband now has a fever, cough, aches and shivers for the past two days 😳😩 I’m the only one who seems to be ok!!! I’m trying to stay away from my husband as much as possible at home or be in the garden but having to be around the kids!! Honestly it’s so scary!

I am also terrified of giving birth in this current hospital environment. Giving birth scares me enough as it is, let alone if the hospitals are struggling and full of the virus. I’m also worried about getting childcare for our twins so my husband can actually come to the birth 🙈😫 xx

Mama_Prawn in reply to Kloulou83

Oh wow! That does sound worrying! Try to keep healthy and safe though it’s hard when it’s the hubby and kids are ill, not too far you can get away! How far along are you? Xx

Kloulou83 in reply to Mama_Prawn

I’m 29 weeks so hopefully it might flatten out in the next 10 weeks, but I doubt it will be back to normal.

We’ve had a good morning in the garden and I feel much more positive and a friend who is a nanny and lives alone said she will come and watch the twins if needs be so hubby can come to the birth.

It will all work out ok in the end 🙏🏼 xx

Scans and other maternity appointments are still going ahead. Remember there is no evidence of extra risk to pregnant women and we are placed in the ‘vulnerable’ group as a precaution. Get plenty of fresh air by using your garden if you have one, make use of the one exercise outing per day, download a mindfulness app to help keep calm. Other sensory activities can be therapeutic gardening, baking etc or try some antenatal yoga videos on YouTube. Like someone else said tinkering about the nursery is an ideal distraction. When your mind wanders to something negative tell yourself ‘this is not a helpful thought’ and focus in something more positive that you are looking forward to like cuddling or feeding your baby. Also breathing in for 4 counts and slowly out for 8 a few times is really relaxing.

It’s a worrying time for everyone but we just have to train ourselves to have a more positive mindset. Think of all the jobs that never get done that you can do. I know I’ll be sorting through all the digital photos I have on laptop and phones....may take me 12 weeks just to do that!

Remember the whole world is in this so you are not alone xx

Yes, had my scan yesterday and antenatal today, the only thing was no partners were allowed in.

They said they were trying to keep all appointment s where possible x

LaMu in reply to fridayfever

Hi darling,

I will have my first scan next week and i was afraid of just that. I mean, my partner will can not to entry with me :(

Im so upset

fridayfever in reply to LaMu


Yes my first pregnancy and 1st scan so was petrified anyway and il admit I didn't hold it together when they wouldn't let him in either 😥

The staff were really good and I do understand but so disappointed for him as well xx

Sad thing is I don't see much changing any time soon so think it will be the same for my 20 week scan xx

I had a call from the midwife at 9pm last night about my appointment this morning. They have now said you have to attend antenatal appointments and scans alone (check with your trust but I think they’re all following the same guidance). Only one birthing partner when in labour and no visitors antenatal or post natal in hospital. Really hard times but needs must. My sister has already resigned to the fact she won’t meet my baby for up to 12 weeks as she’s a frontline worker, very emotional for us all but we will have the rest of forever to spend time together. Stay safe everyone x

I have an antenatal appointment today at the hospital and have been told to attend alone.

I'm 38 +3 so due anytime really and I'm feeling anxious so you aren't alone. I want to discuss today what my options are because my husband and I have waited for this little miracle for 4 years and I would never forgive myself if anything happened due to me making a silly choice to give birth naturally if noone is on hand to help. My preference would be an elective section then we know that the relevant people are available at that time. All visiting is also disallowed so it will just be me and my husband.

As far as daily life has gone this past week, I've been able to get out for some walks, pottered in the garden and even enjoyed some time with the neighbours! (we were on our side of the fence and they were on theirs)

How far on are you? It might be worth a chat with your midwife just to try and settle your worries. We all have to adapt the best we can in these strange times as it's all for our own good at the end of the day xx

Hi I am 17 weeks + 5 days pregnant. I was due to have my 16 week midwife appointment today but she called and said 8 week booking appointments and 16 week appointments are now being done over the phone. I have my 20 week scan booked for 2 weeks from now and I've been told I have to go alone to that. Also I have to go alone to my 25 week appointment which has to be in person (If the coronavirus is still a big deal by then).


I had my 12 week scan Thursday and attended alone and, have also been informed there’s no clinics do, my 16 week appointment will be done over the phone. I understand why but OMG don’t like it as? They can’t check your bp or urine but needs must. I am also anticipating attending the 20 week scan alone in May ☹️ Our poor partners xx

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