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I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I haven’t felt my baby move in 3 days she still has a heartbeat and I feel sick what do I do?

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Have you tried cold and fizzy drinks. Orange juice? The fact that there’s a heartbeat is good news and it might be just a case of baby’s positioning but best to get checked...x

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Yh I’ve tired all off that not worked just hurts x

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I would seek medical help and advice. Try not to worry but better to be safe...x

Call your midwife asap and they will check you x

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Okay Thankyou x

Contact your midwife and get booked in for a scan as soon as you can.

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Okay Thankyou

As above, call the community midwife ASAP... do you have a doppler you're using at home? I was advised against using these, not wanting to scare you but you could pick up your own heartbeat or the placenta. I hope all is ok though and your little one is just being a tinker. Xx

How do you know about the heart beat? If you’ve not felt movement for half a day go and get checked. Don’t use any home test, don’t rely on drinking or eating etc

Anything that is not your baby’s normal movement go in- but ring them first. Don’t ever go to sleep on it xx

I agree with the above comment. Home Doppler should never be used for reassurance if you notice reduced movements. Always call your midwife asap or hospital.

Do NOT use a doppler once you are able to feel regular movements. Just because there is a heartbeat doesnt mean there isnt something wrong. Ring your mau ASAP. You need monitoring lovely. Hope everything is ok xxx

Hope everything turned out ok...x

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