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24 weeks pregnant with first baby...

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Hello all,

I’m just 24 weeks pregnant (yesterday) with my first baby. I was told at a 16 week scan that I have an anterior placenta so I might feel my baby move later than others who have a placenta at the back (the norm). I started to feel my baby around 17 weeks and it’s been getting more regular to the point where last week it was really prominent and I could really feel kicks. However the last 3 days I have only felt slight movement (much lighter thane previously) in the morning and nothing the rest of the day. My OH thinks that the baby has maybe rolled over and that’s why I’m only feeling movement now when I’m on my side in bed ... i also think that if the baby has rolled over then it could well be moving but I’m not feeling it through the placenta etc ... I have a scheduled midwife appointment on Wednesday so I (we) will checked then but should I be concerned or does this sound normal to all you that have had babies? On the NHS website it indicates that the baby’s movements might be sporadic up until 28 weeks...


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Hey, congratulations on your pregnancy. I had an anterior placenta with my son who was my first child and I never really felt proper defined movements and definitely didn’t have a pattern by 24 weeks. I would say if you are concerned, even in the slightest, phone maternity daycare as they will probably call you in for a check over.

Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

If they've changed for you, what you're used to go and get checked. Your midwife team would rather see you and there not be a problem xx

I'd get it checked out. Baby will probably start kicking again as soon as you pull up to the hospital!! but it's always best to get lack of movement checked. Hope everything's ok xxx

I have an anterior placenta and I’m 23 weeks pregnant. I don’t feel much movement at this point, just sometimes certain bubbling or like bubbles popping, mostly at night.

You should check it out, and let us know what they say. I might call the hospital too just for reassurance in few days 🙏🏻

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Hello... sorry, I should’ve followed up on this post. My babies movements / pattern stayed sporadic right up until around 28 weeks... I’m 33 weeks tomorrow now and finally I feel ‘in tune’ with him / her... had a scan yesterday and so far so good 🙏🏻 hope everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy!!

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