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Pregnant so soon after a miscarriage

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Hi I had a miscarriage 5weeks and 3 days ago and today I done some tests as not been feeling right and both test come back positive. But I’m questioning it as the clear blue test says I’m 4-5weeks pregnant is that possible. Just don’t wanna get my hopes up after already having 2 miscarriages.

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Oh wow lovely it’s saying positive for sure xx I assume you have been trying naturally in that time? They say body can give miracles so maybe you are one of them xxx 🥰❤️🥰🙌 got everything crossed for you

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Yes actually trying but not trying if you get what I mean.

I hope so. Thank you xxx 🥰

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Keep me posted and here if you need to chat always xxxx

Did you check that you had a negative pregnancy test after your miscarriage? Sometimes HCG takes a while to leave your system. Crossing my fingers for you though! Might be worth getting in touch with your early pregnancy unit in a week or two to see if they'll give you a scan to check everything is ok?

I went to the hospital when I was having the miscarriage and the did a pregnancy test which come back negative so they did a blood test to confirm and that come back as I was pregnant but the hcg level was very very low which is why the test didn’t detect it which meant I was having a miscarriage.

Surely the hcg level shouldn’t increase that much for a pregnancy test to come back possitive coming up to 6weeks miscarriage xx

Definitely not! Sounds like you're pregnant! Congratulations!

Thank you x I’m making a doctors appointment tomorrow to be 100% sure x

My cousin had something very similar, thought she had miscarried early on, but was actually still pregnant. Your hcg may have been low initially if you had just conceived x

Giving me more hope now x

This sounds similar to a friend of mine, she was sceptical and thought it was hcg still in her system but, she had an early scan and there was a sac and everything.

The consultant and midwife have stated they think because of how close the pregnancy was to the miscarriage, it might have been twins.

I hope it is positive for you, keep us posted 🙂

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That’s what happened with my mum I was suppose to be a twin but she lost it. But was still pregnant with me so my fingers are crossed. X

Wow...really hoping you confirm this tomorrow. Good luck...x

So I am 100% pregnant 🤰 over the moon. But I now can’t go back to work I have to self isolate because of the covid-19. Xxx

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