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Disappointing Consultant Appointment


I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and I have gestational diabetes. I had another growth scan yesterday and they are estimated my baby boy to be 7lbs 9oz already so he is above the 95th centile. I saw the consultant as I do every 2 weeks and this time was not very positive. He basically told me that if after my scan in 2 weeks, or any other scan I may have to have before my due date, he reaches 9.5lbs or more I would have to have a c-section. I told him I did not want this and asked why. His response was that because I had a previous c-section (with my first baby 9 years ago as she was very big and had undetected GD) I could not get induced or give birth naturally as it is too risky due to the scar and the risk of it reopening. This made no sense to me as my argument was that I gave birth 3 years ago to my son after being induced at 39 weeks and 5 days and he was predicted to be around 9.5lbs but he spoke down to me and said he was only 8lbs though and laughed....yes he was 8lbs but he was predicted to be 9.5lbs.

I am so confused as to why in the last 3 years things have changed that much that I can't have the birth I want when I'm in the same condition with the same factors as then? I really do not want a c-section as I ended up really poorly last time and ended up with bad infections and ended up back in hospital and it was stressful and makes me so anxious.

Has anybody else been through anything similar to this or have any advice? My diabetes midwife has assured me she will come in with me next time I see the consultant to ease my anxiety.

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I think you have a good case for arguing against a c-section given the birth of your youngest (3 years ago) who was also predicted to be a big baby. The factors were the same and yet you were permitted a natural birth. I’d ask for a second opinion. A doctor can only advise and make recommendations under these circumstances, the decision is up to you...x

Dansolo92 in reply to Tiddly1984

Thank you for your reply. I am going to argue against it. The funny thing is it's the exact same doctor I had with my last baby 3 years ago so thats why I'm so confused. The midwife has assured me she will help me next time argue against the c-section so fingers crossed it goes my way otherwise I will ask to see someone else instead x

That’s very strange. In your place I would definitely have the midwife advocate on my behalf and ask for a second opinion if that fails. It’s always best to adhere to medical advice, but the medical option sounds a little off in this case. Ultimately it’s your decision to make and so I hope all goes well...x

Dansolo92 in reply to Tiddly1984

Thank you for your advice. I will definitely listen to what they have to say next time and get a second opinion if I feel I need it :) x

Really sorry to hear of your experience with the consultant. I think you should definitely ask to see another consultant for a second opinion if your midwife doesn’t seem to be able to help the next time you see him with her. You have a right to not be laughed at. I think his behaviour was not the best... very insensitive! I do understand that it is their job to weigh up the risk of both you and your baby but your previous circumstances should be taken into account, and also your feelings on the matter. Really hope you get a more sympathetic response from him next time, and if not, definitely ask to see someone else. Good luck!

Thank you. I will definitely be asking to see someone else if I get treated like that again. Luckily the other members of staff in the diabetes clinic are lovely and take the time to help you if you need it. The midwife was very supportive when I told her what had happened and it makes me feel at ease that she will be there especially if it happens again and I decide to make a complaint she will back me up. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan at my next appointment and I get the result i want x

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