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Braxton-Hicks, signs of labour or baby getting engaged?


I’m as paranoid as ever lol, I’m currently 38 n 5 and can’t seem to decide if I’m having Braxton-Hicks, early signs of labour or baby getting ready? No show or water breaking. Although, I have been feeling more tightness at the top of the bump and pressure like feeling down my pelvis. It’s terribly uncomfortable but bearable. Anyone else had these symptoms?

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Sounds like Braxton Hicks, I had tightness in the top of my bump fairly regularly towards the end of my pregnancy.

I have been feeling like that since 36 weeks and had a few false alarms ever since. Due tomorrow and still waiting ;) although every day or night there is something that makes me think „this is it”. My baby is sitti very low and creating a lot of pressure but that has been the case since 36 weeks and at my midwife appointment at 36 weeks they were certain he was going to come before 37 weeks. Feeling a lot of pressure when walking and at night.

I guess it’s our bodies getting ready for the big day. Xxx

I’ve almost called the triage unit so many time. I swear I wiped part of the mucus plus last night 😩🤷🏽‍♀️😂. I see my midwife today so I’ll definitely mention everything. I’m getting induced next week if baby hasn’t come by then. Good luck to you and our practice runs 😂, hope baby comes soon xx

Iv had braxton hicks since second trimester and they can be quite strong. Main difference (so I am told) is with actual labour they will likely get regular and last longer with much more pain. May be worth noting the contractions time and length down to see if it looks like they are getting closer together or not x

Braxton hicks you feel at the top and it gets tight and hard. Contractions are lower down in your tummy and bottom and are intense and painful

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