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7 month old screaming from teething pains but won't take Calpol or teething ring, any suggestions please?


I've also tried him with some teething granules but he went red and a bit puffy, so I won't be doing that again!

I thought kids loved Calpol but my little boy just won't take it, he keeps turning his head from side to side with his mouth shut tight. When I did manage to get a little in his mouth he spat it out. We took him to the doctor yesterday, he's had blood tests recently, he's in good health. But we know he's teething and at night he wakes up several times screaming and crying out in pain. It's so horrible, but he won't let me do anything to help.

Any advice please?

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I know it’s not nice but when my LG had to have antibiotics for something else we literally had to hold her down. When we got it in her mouth I copied what the immunisation nurse did with the vaccine they have in the mouth and rubbed under her chin which makes them swallow. Have you also tried the calpol through a teet? Didn’t work for us but some recommend it x

Have you tried a cold carrot and the the fridge. He can hold it and chew on it. The cold and hard helps. Also try squirting the calpol into the side of he cheek near the back. The natural reflex is to swallow any liquid near the back of the mouth and by putting it at the back of the cheek avoids the tongue and any pushing it out again. Good luck xx

Thank you for the advice!

But I was concerned and took him to the doctors again, apparently he does have an ear infection and has been put on antibiotics. I was shocked as an ENT specialist checked yesterday, obviously he wasn't very thorough!

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I think these things can come on so quickly. I took my daughter to A&E where her chest was checked and confirmed clear. We were back two days later and she had bronchiolitis and was hospitalised for 4 nights! My daughter hated calpol too and taking antibiotics (she's had three courses). Trying to administer it was a nightmare but I had to just force it it and, as someone said, put it into their cheek so they can't push it out with their tongue. That was back in Deemb6er and she loves calpol now! 🤣 I hope your son's ear infection clears up soon xx

I know it’s horrible, but my LG went through this stage of not taking calpol and we had too just hold her down and give it her that way. Try putting calpol in teat, or adding it too some yogurt.

My LG is prone to ear infections and we find when she has ear infection she also gets new teeth, try and give calpol with antibiotics, but I know how hard it can be xx

You could try ibuprofen, it might come in a different flavour. There's also teething powder which is different from granules and you can buy some stuff on amazon where you can put fruit in and he'll have to chew on it to get the food out or make food ice lollies. I also heard breadstick might help as it's something hard to bite on. Hope those annoying teeth show soon!!

Try oral suspension paracetamol that isn't Calpol branded. Boots or a supermarket own.

Teething is the worst ☹️ Could you stir some into yogurt/stewed fruit? Supermarket own brand baby ibuprofen liquid was most effective for us, lasts longer than paracetamol (apparently) and it's half the dose to get down them (only 2.5ml!) 👏good luck xx 🤞

If he has dummy there is one you can buy online that you can put medicine in. Other than that I restrained my son because if he didn't have it his temperature would have just kept going up which could have just led to a febrile seizure. In theses situations love you have to just pick. Screaming child or restraint.

pinkie93 in reply to shannatate

Thank you. Just wanted to let you know that Calpol actually doesn't stop febrile seizure, I've put a reference below.


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My understanding of the info shared on the link is that the reason paracetamol doesn’t always prevent a febrile convulsion is because the convulsion itself is often the first sign the child has a fever. But paracetamol etc can be used to help reduce a fever which reduces the likelihood of a febrile convulsion.

The choice of wording on the link is a bit misleading/unclear imo x

pinkie93 in reply to Hidden

Here is another:


The first link clearly states:

There is no good evidence you can prevent a convulsion when your child has a fever. Medicines such as paracetamol and ibuprofen will make your child more comfortable during the fever but will not prevent a febrile convulsion. Often the fit is the first sign that there is a fever.

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That is exactly what what I've been told by multiple healthcare professionals.

Try hiding it in some strawberry ice cream?

Try bonjela baby teething gel. You can put a bit on your finger or a dummy for baby to suck off. It really helped my daughter.

Try ambesol liquid it’s a lot better than the gel! Just pop some on your finger and rub it on his gums!


Anbesol, cold teething toys, frozen watermelon to chew on, buy every teething toy going and you should get a favourite.

As for calpol. Squeeze a little into the cheek at a time. Or buy a medicine dummy or mix it with something else they like

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