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Faint positive

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Hi everyone I'm new to the group, my partner just did 2 pregnancy test and both came back with a faint positive would it be safe to say she's pregnant

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Yes it would according to the test results. Congratulations...x

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Ringo20 in reply to Tiddly1984

Thank you

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Ringo20 in reply to Ringo20

We went to the hospital they did one but came back negative but even he said more than likely yes as 2 came back faint positive would you suggest to do another pregnancy test in a few days time i said to my partner to test again on Sunday

Most definitely. Congratulations

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Ringo20 in reply to Emmaxxx

Thank you

If it was blue dye tests it is possible just the dye running if it was very faint. I had a faint positive when I wasn’t pregnant from a blue die. Pregnant now though so don’t give up x

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Ringo20 in reply to Bailey135

Thanks Bailey she did another test this morning and it was negative, think they might have been evaporating lines

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Also she only started ovulating on Monday and her day of ovulation is Tuesday next week

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If she's started ovulation on Monday she would have finished ovulating already, it doesn't last long and only happens once so she wouldn't be ovulating next Tuesday as well?

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nsha in reply to Ringo20

A pregnancy test isn’t relevant until you have got to the first missed period as the hormone it’s checking won’t have built up yet... I’m confused has she already missed a period? If she hasn’t ovulated yet she couldn’t have conceived yet because there wouldn’t even be an egg sitting there to fertilize. And as above, ovulation happens over a day, the possible window you might be thinking of is the “fertile window” and this is how long an egg and sperm can survive, not how long ovulation takes. This window starts before the egg is released x

Yeah I had the exact same thing and my husband was convinced it was definitely positive but I then did red dye tests and they were negative. You’re tracking ovulation using sticks I’m guessing? If so you’ll get there!

Do pink dye tests, you can’t get a “fake” positive from evaporating line.

I had a VERY faint positive with pink dye and my son is now 8 months.

All the best to you and your partner with TTC

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