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Baths in your first trimester

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I’m totally confused about what’s okay bath wise during your first trimester. Lots of articles say that the water should be body temperature (37C) but I tested what that felt like and it feels way too cool to sit in and relax. My GP said it’s fine as long as it’s not super hot but that advice didn’t feel that reassuring.

Has anyone spoken to the maternity unit about this? I’m waiting for my booking appointment next week (am 8 weeks) but it’s such grim weather I’m desperate for a bath!

Thanks v. Much

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As long as it doesn't raise you core body temperature you're alright but water can quickly change your body temperature. So if you have a warm bath then keep it brief, 5-10 mins.

EDIT: Also baths increase the risk of UTI's and you immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, so not too often.

As much as I love my baths and they help me with back pain, I waited until they said it was safer - I think it was 12 weeks, might have been a bit longer. Even then they still say not too hot throughout your pregnancy. xx

Hi like you I prefer hot baths. I bought a bath thermometer and ran one to 37 degrees. When I tested it I thought the same as you but when I got in properlyI found it’s still warm enough to relax. I think I did wait until 12 weeks but I was partially paranoid/playing thinks safe as I had ivf. I have found baths to be really helpful particularly in later stages when you are feeling a bit achy. X

I love my hot baths and really missed them when I was pregnant. You've rightly said, the guidelines are not above 37 degrees. I got a thermometer (you'll need to get one for babies bath anyway) and made it at 37 and topped it up with more hot water if it dropped below but your right its definitely not steaming hot so not that relaxing :( also be careful with bubble bath, bath bombs etc as they often have chemicals they say you should avoid. I just used sanex and treated myself to some bath bombs from Lush towards the end of my pregnancy. Oh and I also waited until after 12wks for my first bath.

Thats not really the answer you wanted sorry :( Good luck x

I never stopped my lovely warm bubble bath with any of mine 🤷‍♀️ as long as it's not super hot you will be fine. Baths tend to cool as long as you don't keep topping up with hot water, where as a sauna or hot tub (which you should avoid) are kept at a constant heat- which can be a problem.

Enjoy your bath I say xx

Thank you so mucheveryone! That’s really helpful and reassuring. I’ve bought a thermometer for baths and just tested it. I think where I was going wrong was that I was using my pregnancy planning thermometer and putting it into the water so it was reading much higher than the bath thermometer does on the surface. The 37 degrees is actually nice to sit in for a little while but I think I’m going to be patient and wait until after the first trimester just to feel safe xx

I found this link which gives some useful numbers:

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