Sensitive post! HCG at 6 weeks is 8946. Is this okay? - NCT


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Sensitive post! HCG at 6 weeks is 8946. Is this okay?


I'm so happy that my numbers are rising but still feel that they are slightly low. I know every pregnancy is different but still very worried. It's been so hard to get to this stage and I can hardly believe it. But the stress and worry is overwhelming.

9dp5dt - 127

11dp5dt - 249

14dp5dt - 858

23dp5dt - 8946

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Hi Rainbowhope, don’t worry about the number, the important is the level grows well! Why there is such a big gap between the last 2 results? You should do it every 48 hours to check the progression x

I promised myself I wouldn't do another blood test after the third but the stress and anxiety was killing me. So I randomly decided to test today. The numbers are getting bigger. From what I could figure our they are near enough doubling. Just hoping we get a heartbeat when we do early pregnancy scan. Praying for the best. X thanks for your reply.

Perfect numbers 🙂

Rainbowhope in reply to Elynn

Thank you. X❤

Try not to focus on these hcg numbers they vary from pregnancy to pregnancy . Hope all is well :) x

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