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11 week old suffering with Colic and reflux 🙈

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Does anyone elses little one also suffer from Colic and reflux? Since my little girl has been 4 weeks old she has suffered with both. It has been a real struggle to breast feed and bottle feed because of this. She is on infant gaviscon which helps with the Reflux otherwise she vommits if we stop using. Her Colic I think is at peaking point as she's had it every night for the past week! It has stopped her from feeding cause of the pain 5 nights out of 7 and cries for 4 hours until eventually tiring 😔 we've been told by a health visitor at weighings to try and increase her feeds over the next week otherwise she is going to refer her back to the GP! Does anyone have any advice?

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It’s awful my little boy was same, all I can say is there is light at end of the tunnel it may not seem like it a minute but there is ,my little boy screamed from tea time till early hours for weeks on end it was awful I took him to doctors thinking they was something wrong with him until we finally managed to get it under control , I felt like a bad mum like I was doing something wrong but we’re not it’s just one of them things it’s so awful to see r little ones in pain , my little boy had colief and it works wonders , just remember you doing fantastic and your doing everything right xx

Hi my baby girl did suffer from Colic . Is few things that help . Colief infant drops and Bio Gaia probiotic. When she cry we always put her on breastfeeding pillow so she lay down on her tummy and we was smoothing her back or we was walking around home holding her more I would say laying her on one hand so she was on her tummy. I know how u feel hun . My little one one cry for few hours so try the colief drop they bit expensive around £13 and the probiotic u can get from Amazon for around £15 But trust me is all worth it xx

Hi dear, my little boy was suffering already and I cut all dairy and soya from my diet and after few days he got much better and after few weeks he was fine, no symptoms at all. When he was 11 month I started introducing again and symptoms come back, specially not being able to sleep long stretches at night. No one would help neither GP or Health visitor, so I cut by myself and he got better. Good luck

my Now 19 month old suffered really badly, she’s still got the reflux. Most babies grow out of it before a year. I’d also suggest cutting out the dairy. She had a tongue tie and was bottle fed for the first few weeks and that was worse than when she was exclusively breastfed. Good luck with it all and remember it will, although it might not seem like it now, soon be a distant memory. Just wanted to really add my moral support.

My little lady had colic too - we found infacol to work wonders - as well as walking around with her at home - there is light at the end of the tunnel i promise xxxxx

Our colic and silent reflux was caused by a milk allergy, just something to think about, not all babies who suffer from colic and reflux have it but it is a possibility. Things do get better, especially when you find out what works for you to settle things x

Heyy, I'm questioning whether it's worth buying latose free formula or colic formula. Did you cut anything out of your diet? Just curious as I've already cut out dairy.

If you’ve cut out dairy and noticed a difference then you’ll need to go see the GP and ask for a prescription formula, tell them that you’ve cut it out of your diet and noticed an improvement but you require something suitable for top up feeds (I take it this is what you are doing?) Lactose free won’t do anything if it’s a milk allergy, not only is lactose intolerance really rare but breast milk is full of it so is likely not your problem. Comfort milk is slightly more broken down, there is also SMA HA or Aptimel sensitiva (I think that’s what they called it) which is more broken down again but if little one has a milk allergy they may not be good enough (many need prescription milk rather than anything you can buy yourself, we used the HA for a while but it wasn’t good enough, the Aptimel one wasn’t on the market at the time. Both state they aren’t suitable for CMPA babies). You may need to consider soya too, the proteins are similar and about 50% can’t tolerate those either. Anything else I can help with just shout 😊 Been there done that, we have 6 allergies in total but we’re now working our way up the milk ladder, step 7 of 12 being done this week so half way there 😀 We trialled the soya one before Christmas and only made 2/5 but that’s better than the 0/5 at 9 months x

P.s, there is a FB group called ‘Main group - CMPA support’ if you think it would help. There’s breastfeeding and bottle feeding, single allergy, multi allergy and everything in between on it. I found it really helpful when we first started weaning. I think there is a breast feeding with allergies group too but I don’t know what it’s called as we’d moved to bottles by then.

Thank you so much for the support and advice. It's so nice knowing we aren't alone in this! I actually cut out dairy about 3 weeks ago and definitely noticed a difference. It is so hard watching our little one in so much pain! But we really look forward to when this stage is over and she can be her happy smiley self x

Hi! Not sure if anyone mentioned this but when my baby daughter had colic/reflux we ended up taking her to the osteopath for something called cranial osteopathy. We took her once a week for 3 weeks and after the 3rd week she was completely fine after many weeks of horror. Whether it was the treatment or she would have grown out of it anyways I'll never know (she was 14 weeks by the end of it) but at least after every treatment she slept between 2.5 and 3.5 hours!!! Which was already a miracle :)

Hope it gets better bc it's so hard.

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