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Does my 6 month old have a normal appetite?

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My boy is 28 weeks old, he a lot longer than average and weighs more than average, plus he's very wriggly. He was exclusively breastfed on demand for the first 25 weeks, then I introduced food when he was showing all the signs of being ready. I've read that a 6 month old should be having milk as usual, with just 2, 1 oz meals a day. So my boy is still breastfeeding on demand, I don't think he's getting any less breastmilk. But he's always so hungry. So I'm giving him 3 meals a day and feeding him until he doesn't want any more each time, then breastfeeding after the meal. For example today he's had 2oz of plain, no added sugar yogurt with strawberry puree for breakfast. 2oz of couscous, courgette and breastmilk puree for lunch, followed by 1oz mashed banana because he was still hungry. Then 3oz carrot, cauliflower and breastmilk puree for dinner. Plus he has breastfed 8 times and the night is still young. Is this normal?

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Hi if he's having plenty of wet and dirty nappies and his weight is fine then I'd just carry on as your are.

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Thank you for the reassurance, I know I do overthink things sometimes.

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Every baby is different. My LG would never of eaten that much when she was that age. We didn’t get to three meals til about 10 months but as long as he is ok and his weight is fine then I wouldn’t worry 🙂. Maybe it’s a good sign and he’ll love his food whereas my LG is a nightmare 😂 xx

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Yeah I'm hoping he won't be a picky eater, my sister has a nightmare trying to sneak vegetables into her little boys meals! haha xx

I'm envious. Our little ones are the same age I think and my girl just seems to hate food!! Cries and spits it out :(

Hey, sorry you're having trouble. How are things going with your little girl now? I'm sure she'll get the hang of it soon enough.

I'm just a terrible worrier about these things, but everything always seems to come together in the end. I thought my boy would never roll, then suddenly he just went over the other day. He didn't look too pleased about it though haha :-) xx

Ah, clever boy, well done :)

She's fine, thanks. We left it for a couple of days and trying again now. She won't take anything off a spoon (although she'll quite happily shove an empty spoon in her mouth!) but she'll suck food off my finger now so giving her mashed food mixed with a little breast milk a couple of times a day. It's very slow and I don't want to encourage the habit too much but at least she's trying new things. You're right, it'll all sort itself out xxx

Maybe the solids don't have enough calories or he needs more carbs? I live in Germany and here the doctor suggests cereal with fruit in the morning, vegetables (with meat or fish twice a week) for lunch and cereal for dinner. I think cereal will fill him better. You can choose different types of grain for diversity.

Every child is different. My lo was on 3 meals 3 weeks after introducing solids. He is 13 months now and some days he eats like a horse, others he isnt as bothered and just throws it around 🤣

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Haha lovely :-) I know I need to just go with the flow and he did just shoot up about an inch, so maybe this has just been a really long growth spurt! xx

My lb is 6 months and he’s on three meals a day plus milk (which I have cut down slightly!! He too is long and big 🙈 he’s on the top line for weight but the health visitor say he’s fine and doing great!! He’s so much bigger though than all other babies his age but we put that down to daddy being 6ft 7 😂!! Xx

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