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Weight in pregnancy- have I gained enough?

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Hi all,

I’m probably being paranoid but I’ve read conflicting messages online. My pre-pregnancy weight was 8st 6lb (54.6kg) I’m at 33 weeks and only gained one stone so I’m 9st 6lbs (60.9kg). I raised my weight gain (lack of) at my last midwife appointment. She said my bump had still grown so not to worry. However, looking online the baby is supposed to be a certain weight as is the placenta and uterus and extra blood etc all of which seam to add up to a lot more than I have gained. Risks of being underweight include premature birth, less energy and fat stores to maintain breastfeeding and baby may have more health risks. I’ve only put on 2lbs since Christmas and lost a 1lb of that last week. I eat every 2 hours and have a good diet. I’m in third trimester and approx 8 months pregnant. Should I be concerned? I’ll definitely raise again with my midwife but thats not until next week. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thanks. X

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Sounds like you have a super metabolism! As long as you are eating a balanced diet your baby will be getting everything they need to grow. The babies put on most their weight in the last few weeks so you may suddenly put on more as baby grows... but you may not, if your midwife isn’t concerned o wouldn’t worry xxx

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Yes normally I consider myself very fortunate and definitely don’t normally complain but I’d assumed my metabolism would slow down in pregnancy. I expect you’re right and I’ll suddenly put it on. Thank you x

I'm sure if your midwife was concerned that she's mention it. If bump is growing well and you're getting lots of movement baby is doing OK.

When you say your diet is good, this can be so subjective. I think my diet is OK but I'm very overweight, so I'm definitely getting it wrong somehow 🙈. Like if you're eating every two hours but a eating handful of grapes is going to be different to eating a bacon sandwich.

Maybe have a chat again with your midwife and check your eating all the right things for baby to gain weight.

Best of luck xx

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It’s more like bacon sandwich and grapes 😂. Yes baby is definitely having lots of fun poking and prodding and moving about so that must be a good sign but I’ll mention it again in Wednesday x

I only gained about 1 and half stone during both my pregnancies. And I had smaller than average babies but both were born healthy with no problems at full term. Speak to your midwife but if you're bump is growing as it should, movements are good then the chances are everything is fine.

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Thank you 😊 x

Hi, I was a similar weight to you pre-pregnancy (not sure exactly as wasn’t weighing myself). I’m 29 weeks now and weighed 61.6kg at my midwife appt yesterday so have put on a total of 4.6kg (10lbs) since I was first weighed at 5 weeks pregnant. For the same reasons as you I’m worried this isn’t enough, but the midwife measured my bump at above the 50th centile and said there’s a decent enough bump, just not a lot of extra me!

I am quite active, but am really keen to keep it that way so am just going to fit in an extra snack (not necessarily a healthy one!) each day now I’m in my final trimester. Read something last night suggesting a bowl of cereal with milk, some fruit and yoghurt, a hard boiled egg with a muffin, cheese and crackers, apple and cottage cheese or a berry smoothie. Most days I’m having some chocolate.. why not haha?!

I don’t think you need to worry if your midwife isn’t worried, but you do need extra calories in the 3rd trimester and this is when baby develops it’s fat stores. It’s possible you might see some faster weight gain in these last 7 weeks.

I don’t see my midwife again for nearly 3 weeks, so let me know what yours says next week if you get chance! xx

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I saw my midwife yesterday. Still not put on weight but she said not to worry as bump has still grown. She said as long as it’s still growing as expected it is perfectly fine. So phew! X

I’m fairly active to as I’m on my feet most of the day at work so I suppose that doesn’t help. I’ll chat to midwife again and keep you posted x

Anywhere between 10-20kg is totally fine according to my doctor (I live in Norway) and I put on 13kg up to week 36 - am now week 39 and over 15kg heavier than pre-pregnancy so obviously baby is bulking up in preparation 😂 he is also following the growth curve perfectly and has been the whole time so comparing your weight gain to others will probably only stress you out, which is the last thing you need!! Just eat when you're hungry and baby will get what they need :)

Also worth noting that some women actually lose a bit of weight at the end of pregnancy so don't worry if that happens to you!! Highly recommend the NHS and SureStart pages on pregnancy, the week by week sections in particular are great.

Not long left, good luck! xx

Thanks all who replied. I saw the midwife yesterday who confirmed what you said and my bump has grown so nothing to worry about. Now to continue the countdown! Xx

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Shelleybean in reply to LKT1

Thanks for the update, that’s good to hear. Not too long for you now...exciting times!! xx

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Great news, enjoy those bacon sandwiches xx

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