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Weight gain Twin pregnancy


Hi, I am almost 17weeks with Twins. All is well, in fact at all our scans babies are measuring 1 week 3 days ahead. We conceived through ICSI so we know our dates. However, I am weighing almost 1 stone heavier already. Is this healthy? I'm not necessarily heavy, but my bump is already big. Guess I'm just trying to figure if im within the normal weight gain range. I was normal weight b4 with healthy BMI.

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Hi there

I also conceived twins via ICSI and I think at my last weigh in just before my elected section at 36+2 I had put on 5 stone 😱 I did get diagnosed with gestational diabetes around 28 weeks, however I never had a high blood sugar reading. My twins were a good weight though. Your midwife or consultant will monitor your weight/babies weights and flag up any concern. Xx


I conceived twins through ICSI too and am about to meet them Friday at 37 weeks!

I have recorded my weight weekly and was very similar to you at that stage. I too had healthy BMI before and they suggest a gain of 1-2lb per week is normal. As long as you’re trying to give your babies good nutrition I wouldn’t worry at all about what the scales say.

I’m currently 5 stone heavier than I was but my belly is pretty big and don’t forget all the extra fluid plus (possibly) two placentas rather than just one.

Enjoy your pregnancy, I hope you’re feeling more comfortable at the moment x

I’m 25+5 with DCDA boy twins and put on 4kgs, I was overweight to start with though size 16 BMI 31, so my weight gain should be less than a healthy weight person so think yours sounds about right. I’m really not paying too much attention to weight gain numbers, I’m just eating balanced and staying as active as possible. xx

Congrats ☺️ I’d discuss with the midwife you are seeing if you are seeing a specialist midwife as she should know diet-wise and weight-wise what’s within normal, as it depends on your starting weight as well but it’s good to be mindful early. A lot of people gain a bit more than the recommended but it does put you at higher risk of certain things so while i wouldn’t be overly worried about it don’t ignore it either if it’s going up way quicker than it should... ultimately you’ll get the best advice from the specialist midwife/obstetrician you’re seeing, not here xxx

Hello .

And congratulations. 😃

I gained two stone during my pregnancy x

I was over weight though . X

Hi, I’m 28 weeks with twins and have put on 2 stone so far.

Lots of love and luck for the rest of your pregnancy x

I put on 5 stone by the end, from 9 to 14! It soon goes after birth though, especially with 2 babies to take care of x

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