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Dating scan booked by NHS, but 1.5 weeks later than usual

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We went for our first widwife's appointment last Tuesday and it went well.

I am really confused with the date they have offered us the "Dating Scan".

They have booked us for it on 3rd march saying that needs to be done at 12 weeks, when in reality, my wife is going to be 13 weeks and 3 days on that date, which is exactly 1.5 weeks late.

Is that normal or should we speak out to them?

Also, when would an anomaly scan be normally offered?

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It can take place anywhere between 8-14 weeks so your appointment will be fine. The anomaly scan can be between 18 and 21 weeks. You can read up on the NHS website about these

The 1st one is never exact in my experience, as long as it's in the window for the combined test if you have requested it which is roughly 11-14 weeks. The anomaly scan should be more exact as it's booked after your dating scan (at least that's how they do it at my trust- each trust will have a slightly different way of doing things) x

Yeah it’s usually done between 11-14w if your getting the extra screening it has to be done before 14w

It's fine, I has my dating scan at 14 weeks. The NHS website has lots of information about your pregnancy journey and they say that dating scan can be anywhere between 8 - 14 weeks.

Anomaly scan is around 20 weeks.

I was 13+6 for mine. It’s annoying have to wait to see your little one but as long as you’re within 14 weeks it’s ok.

My anomaly is booked for 21 weeks but I’ve read it can be anywhere between 12-22 x

I was 13 weeks and 2 days, but i had already had a scan at 8 weeks 4 days because i thought i was further along than i was.

I had my scan at 13+3 days x

No, it happens very often to have the first scan during the 13th week so it’s normal. I would anyway go for a private scan before then.

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