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Little one is poorly


My LG is 6 months and has her first cold. It started with snuffly sounds while nursing yesterday. Last night was a bad night as she woke 5 times instead of her usual 2. She didn’t even settle that well after nursing like she usually does. She was very restless. Today she has developed a cough. Please hit me with your suggestions and remedies for cold relief for my little sweetheart 💕 I know it’s only a cold but they’re miserable things to have.

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I bought a diffuser with different colours so acts as a night light as well and put children's olbas oil in it and really helps with congestion overnight. This is a link of the one I bought:

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Thank you Hollie. I’ll take a look xx

We love the calpol plug in. We find that does the trick. Also snuffle babe saline drops can be good x

Good ideas thanks xx

Omg that pic is so sweet tugs 😍 calpol plug ins are expensive but so effective, saline nasal spray before a feed and use a nose Frieda if she will let you. I turned the shower on and sat in the bathroom for a good 20 mins once with my little boy and that helped too. Baby vicks vaporub on soles of feet, chest and back, baby/child olbas oil sprinkled all over bedding and pyjamas.... keep her dosed up with calpol and nurofen xxx

Thank you xx

Can you continue to use calpol on a daily basis for colds... I used it when he had high temp every 4 hours but didn’t realise I can keep using it ?

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Yes I’d like to know this too.. also can you give them infant ibuprofen and Calpol together? Ibuprofen and paracetamol are fine to take together for adults.. or is it one or the other for babies? xx

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You can alternate Calpol and Ibuprofen every 3 hours, but can't give it together. That's what the doctor advised when my lb had a cold and fever.

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That’s interesting thank you xx

Saline nasal spray and snuffle babe. Snuffle babe on the soles of feet at night as well as chest.

Poor wee girl. I am sure she will be better soon xx

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Thanks. It’s hard seeing her so unsettled and not being able to make her better or explain it to her xx

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Definitely. Hope she is getting better and you are getting sleep. Love to you all xx

Calpol plug ins are great, I also got snuffle babe which is like vicks and it seemed to help!

Hope she’s better soon xxx

Thank you ☺️ xx

Thanks everyone. We’ll take a trip to Boots tomorrow and stock up. I wish I’d thought to have these things in place already 🙄😕🤭 I could kick myself!

We have some snuffle babe oil which I’ve put on a facecloth and hung on the radiator and I’ve given her a dose of Calpol. Not a happy little girl this evening xx

I use little angels bath gel . It’s in a blue bottle x

Also calpol plug in for the bedroom x

Thanks for the Facebook pm xx

Your more than welcome wasn’t sure how to add the photo onto my comment x

I don’t think you can... xx

Ahhh sorry to hear baba not feeling well my lb is the same. Same as what others have said really... I’ve been using the saline drops to help clear his nose, olbas oil on a Muslin cloth and baby vix... hope she gets better soon it’s awful x

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It is. She’s so unhappy 😔 She’s finally gone down at 9:15pm a full hour and a quarter later than usual. I expect another restless night for her 😔 I didn’t get out of the house today, I didn’t want to take her out when she’s poorly and the weather is so crap but Hubby picked up some of those saline drops from Tesco tonight and we’ve found some snuffle babe oil in the nappy caddy. She’s had some Calpol too. I’ll get a plug-in tomorrow and a children’s vapour rub xx

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Ahhh bless her....😘😘.... you’re doing your best to help her that’s all we can do ayyy... bring on spring/summer those lovely days for walks and days out ayyy 😘😘

My little one is 11 months and we have just got over her 2nd cold. 😥😥

Each time for us the stuffed nose was the thing causing the most trouble as it really disturbed her sleep (trying to suck her dummy and breathe through a blocked nose was not happening so she struggled with that)

Top tips for me is a nasal aspirator. Seriously couldn’t be with out it.

We used calpol or snuffle babe saline drops and spray. Both worked equally well for us. Then cleared the congestion with the aspirator. Could instantly hear the difference and she would drift off (until it got stuffy again of course lol).

We also used the snuffle babe rub on her chest and put some albas oil on a Muslin and hung it over our headboard so that it wasn’t too near her but enough to help with the congestion.

Her first cold wasn’t too bad at all and she was her usual self.

Her most recent one she also had an ear infection and needed antibiotics. She recovered fine but she was super super clingy for the week she was unwell and the week after.

I dread her starting crèche as it’s gonna be worse then 🥵🥵

Aww poor thing 😔

My LG seems to be really suffering but the lack of sleep isn’t helping her. We have one very unhappy bunny 😔

We bought the saline nasal spray from Tesco last night. I got the plug-in, vapour rub and some cough mixture (she coughed all night) today. She’s also got Calpol. I had some drops already so I put them on an old bib and clipped it to her crib with a peg. Just hoping she has a better night tonight 🙏🏻

I hope your LO doesn’t get anymore soon xx

Bless her! Hope she’s okay. We got a calpol plug in which helped! Tommy was like this for 2 weeks took him to get checked at the beginning and it was viral then went back because he was really not himself and burning up and his tonsils are so swollen poor boy! Has a throat infection, we ended up in A&E with a temp over 40, came on so quickly. Finally on the med with his antibiotics but just keep a close eye on little lady 💖would hate for her to get this! The doc in A&E said with little ones viral infections tend to turn bacterial quickly.

Oh Apparently snufflebabe is meant to be a god send too🙌🏻Xxx

I will do.

Poor little Tommy 😔 It’s horrible when they’re poorly xx

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