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Positive or evaporation line?

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I took a test this evening and it was negative but 40 minutes later I was bathing my son and saw this...

I do not want to get my hopes up and I am scared as we have had a miscarriage already. Can anyone shed any light or suggest what they think?


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After forty minutes it would be the evaporation line. I had similar with several of my negative tests.

Think it says on the box ignore anything after about 5 minutes or so, so evaporation line

This happened to me with my first child, nothing came up I left it on the side and the next time I went to toilet I checked, and there it was a second line..... so could possibly be re check cause there is also the chance of evaporation line also! Best of luck

I think you might be surprised and have a positive result there. This happened with my first test which had a pink partial line after I fished it out of the bin after returning home from work. I read some research which advised that an evaporation line should be grey. Any line which has colour indicates the presence of the pregnancy hormone no matter how long after the test was taken. I think the delay in the appearance of the second line is due to having very small amounts of HCG so it takes longer for the hormone to react with the test. Keep us posted and good luck...x

Thank you everyone for the comments

I took a test this morning and a line appeared within the time frame

I am going to wait until the weekend and take a digital I think

Thank you everyone 🤞🏻

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Tiddly1984 in reply to Woo19

Love it!!! Congratulations 🥰🥰🥰

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Thank you, I am still really scared to believe it

I want a blood test from the doctor as, we had a miscarriage so, I can’t help be sceptical 😞 x

That’s understandable. I understand being quietly optimistic. I’m sure all will fine and the blood tests will confirm that. Try not to worry if you can. Best of luck...x

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Woo19 in reply to Tiddly1984

Thank you 🙂 x

Preg ! Congratulations. Have you retested?

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Thanks for replying. I have and it was positive, I am seeing the doctor today!

Still scared to believe it though 🙈

Thank you for replying

I thought my pregnancy test line was an evap, (line showed 4 hours later) my little girl is now 6 months old

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Thank you for the reply, congratulations on your little girl. I am 15 weeks pregnant now so, was definitely positive 🙂 x

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