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Neg. Pg test. And blood test

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Hello.. My name is Kendra.. I just need a little help understanding what's going on . im 30 days past my last period blood test neg.. And urine..test neg..ik im pregnant I've had implantation spotting that lasted 3 days and sore breast.. Nausea headache.. Constipation mood swings the whole 9 yards ugh🤦🤦 please tell me if anyone else is going through this and if so what was the out come

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Yes im going thru this now n im 16 weeks they only thing im waiting for is getting an ultrasound done cause just like you neg urine and blood test but i go feb 3 to the doc n im not leaving til they do and exam n ultrasound too conform. I feel the baby moving and have for almost 2 weeks plus all the symthoms of being pregnant oct 2 ! Believe your body oh and ive had my tubes tied since nov 17,2004 my oldest is 18 n my youngest is almost 16

Hi hun I have been following your story but on your post 2 months ago you had written that you had lost your baby? I am just confused to why you are now saying you are 16 weeks pregnant?

Also would you not of had a 12 week scan by now

Because we thought i did have a misscarriage! It was my fibroid that cause that! Im currently 17 weeks 5 days going to my ob this morning! And im def pregnant its been a ruff begining of the pregnancy but im feeling the baby move so i know the baby def in there n ill have more answers later today!

I know my body a little to well!

Ok that’s totally fine but I had to ask.

As there are people on here struggling to fall pregnant and are all going through different journeys!

And you did not update you were pregnant still so the question did have to be asked.

I think also I would have paid for a private scan by now if I thought I was this far?

As you still not had a 12 week scan?

And a lot of important testing has now been missed which you will no be eligible for

Trying to find the right doctor to believe when your tubes are tied is a job in its self! Thank god my doctor got me in! Trust me i know ive missed alot of test but def isnt my gp told me too stay calm cause i have been going thru enough...and trust me i know theres people going thru alot that why i posted what i was going thru because woman need to listen to there bodys!

Ok I wish you all the best

Thank you

Did you get an ultrasound then

Yes I did im 18 wks

Ask for more testing as you are having symptoms etc and are worried

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know you’re pregnant if the tests say otherwise? All those ‘symptoms’ could be due to something else?

Hi, I would give it a few more days and test again to put your mind at ease, but tbh if a blood test has come back negative it’s very unlikely that you’re pregnant. Unfortunately several things can mimic pregnancy symptoms and it would be very early (but I guess not unheard of) for nausea and constipation etc at this stage. Wishing you all the best x

Hi Kendra, did you take another test? The first one I took was negative (no symptoms other than nausea) and a week later it was positive!

I dont think blood tests can be wrong so it might be neg but end of day you know your body if you think you are then push for more tests or a sca good luck x

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