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Yes or no???? Curious


Hiiii after my 10th result this is what I got? Am I pregnant or not? Please say it issss

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Hi, it is faint but I can definitely see something. Have you missed a period? Fingers crossed it all falls into place for you 💕

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I was on my periods for literally two days

Looks positive to me. Congratulations...x

I wish it is! Thanks!!! 🖤

😊 Did u take 10 tests in the same day? A pink line, however faint, indicates the presence of the pregnancy hormone. Hopefully the line gets darker which would suggest the pregnancy is progressing. A grey line is considered to be an evaporation line and the test should be disregarded. For your peace of mind, perhaps test again tomorrow or the day after. ...x

No no lol didn’t take 10 tests on the same day. I’v been trying for a very long time. One test every other month!

And yes you’re right I think I need to double check tomorrow again to be sure

Thanks my lovely!!!

Ahhhh...I thought so but wasn’t sure.

You’re very welcome. Fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted if you can...x

Look like you’re pregnant. Congratulations xx

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Thank you!!

Looks positive to me congratulations:)

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Congratulations hope you are pregnant if you have been trying for ages fingers crossed for some good news for u and your partner let me no what the doctors say huni x

Thanks and will do once the doctor gives me a bloody app lol

I can see the second line there . Congratulations xx


I’d say so! Congratulations 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I had the same very faint line too. It just means that there isn’t enough of the pregnancy hormone yet to show up better.

It will get slightly darker with each day - you should definitely test again in a few days, if you can wait that long.... or just test every day like I did - even three times a day some days (I found the wait and anticipation just too exciting so I tested multiple times a day when I got pregnant for the second time somewhat unexpectedly as by my [clearly inaccurate] calculations I was meant to have missed the ‘window of opportunity’)

NB: I used basic pregnancy test strips/sticks as they were SO much cheaper than the ones that you can buy in boots etc. You can get them online, something like 50 strips for £5 or similar. They’ve seen me through lots of ‘am I or aren’t I’ moments, and two pregnancies later I’ve still got a bundle left! Not once did I get a false result - they are fantastic!

Best of luck with everything!

Hey I just got a negative now? I’m confused

Please try not to worry! It could be a chemical pregnancy, which from my understanding is a pregnancy very very early on which doesn’t progress, and can happen to anyone (most people would’t know it happened and it’s nothing to worry about - and doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your body’s ability to conceive) but it could just be the timing as well; if you do the test first thing in the morning (if you can, dont go to the toilet over night) the concentration of the pregnancy hormone in your urine will be at its highest and should give you a result you can trust, no matter what brand of pregnancy test you use. Have a go tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it will give you the result you want x x

Thank you I'll try again!

Aww thanks! I wish it stays positive

Hey guys I just checked again and it’s coming up as negative? Confused

Use a first response. That’s a positive result. Keep testing every day for the next week and the line should begin to get stronger. Some tests didn’t give me positives until a week after the first response test, it’s just that they aren’t as sensitive to the hormone. He’s 14 months old now!

That’s given me a reassurance thanks

You are more likely to get a positive with first morning urine as the hormone will be strongest and so show sooner. If you test later in the day it might not show as clearly. I would test tomorrow first thing. Good luck!

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I did another test today with my morning pee and it was negative 👎🏻

I'll do another one on Monday to see if I am pregnant or not

This is what my first test looked like when I took it really early (3 days before period was due - I couldn’t wait that long!!), 4 days later? BINGO! Two perfect lines!

So looks like a yes to me 😀 xxx

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Thank you I think I'll check again on Tuesday

Fingers crossed xx

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Please let us all know! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

So I got a positive pregnancy test 6 months after having a c section! Oh dear! I went to get rid of it at abortion clinic where they tested me and came out negative. Even done an internal scan- nothing. Done a test again one week later- positive! Used another brand came out negative! Don’t rely on one brand. Sometimes false positives happen and false negatives too.

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Thanks I'll check again on Wednesday I think now

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