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Baths for 10 month olds


Hi ladies... just wondering what baths you use for a nearly one year old. The ones I’ve seen state up to 10 months etc. Baba needs a bath seat but can’t seem to find any for his age? Any suggestions xxx

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We just put in our bath and bought a bath mat so she didn’t slip x

destiny121 in reply to Hidden

Ohh ok.... great idea. He’s at the stage where he wants to play more and more so that would give him lots of room 😘😘

I bought a seat for my first, I hated using so sold it. Another vote for just a bath mat- much easier & cheaper!

We have the Safety First Swivel Bath Seat. Just checked the specifications on Amazon after reading your post and turns out it says for up to approx 1 year. LB is 20 months - oops!

He actually fits in it easily though. He’s a bit small for his age but not tiny!

It also says not to use it when they can stand up but given that I’m with him 100% of the time he’s in it I’m not too concerned about that, particularly as he never wants to get out anyway!

Other option (as Hydromermaid-1 already mentioned) is to just get a non-slip mat 😊

destiny121 in reply to kt_11

Lol.... I think these specifications are just standard guide lines... but if baby fits and he’s fine the. Why not. Think I may just get the swivel Seats and a bath mat 😂😂

We have the safest first swivel bath seat, she loves it. I don’t feel comfortable putting her in bath with bath mat just yet.

Same as Hydromermaid, our bath and bath mat. You wouldn’t leave a one year old on its own so this I feel is perfectly safe and they can splash and enjoy the freedom. Just make sure it’s not deep, just shallow so if there is a slip it would be manageable. Happy splashing x

Thx for the advice... noted 😘😘

I put my 10 month old just in the bath, no seat. He seems really happy and we've had no slipping incidents so far 🤞I did buy a BabyDam which literally dams off a section of the bath and saves a tonne in water, plus he never got overwhelmed by the move from baby bath to big boys bath. (they're quite pricey but I got an ex display model from eBay. Must have saved me that much in water costs already though I bet!) xx

destiny121 in reply to AJBee

Ohh I like the sound of this... will have a google now 😘😘

om with the others in our bath with a bath mat... my lb been in our bath since 5 months old and he loves it xx

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