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Scared for 7 week scan

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Hi all

I am fairly new to the NCT group. Transferred over from the fertility network group-I’m 6 weeks 6 days pregnant after my second IVF cycle.

I have my 7 week scan on wed and I am so nervous.

I’m convinced my boobs are hurting less and I’ve become a bit obsessed with doing urine pregnancy tests and seeing if the line is getting darker!! Help!! Xx

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I know your feeling, 3 more days and you’ll know! I know how hard the wait can be! Sometimes symptoms don’t mean anything, I used to have breast tenderness for 2 weeks and thought I was pregnant but I wasn’t. Why not measuring hgc levels to see if they are growing well, instead of focus on the intensity of the lines? But at this point, since your scan is very close, try to get distracted and enjoy the company of your baby. I hope all goes well for you on Wednesday!

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kitscat in reply to FrancyItaly

Thank you. I’m just so anxious. I have felt some nausea the past few days but I don’t know if that is just nerves. I definitely feel my breasts are different. I’m going to have to keep busy today and distract myself I think. What will be will be but it doesn’t help with the anxiety. And my husband is away this weekend 😫😫

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FrancyItaly in reply to kitscat

Oh maybe try to hang out with family or friends or watch a whole tv series on Netflix 😅 I think it’s normal you feel this way, but you know there is nothing you can do, you can just enjoy the moment and think positively!

I have no real advice because I was a nervous wreck before mine! But just wanted to say that how you’re feeling is natural and that you’re not alone.

Try to keep occupied before Wednesday and stay positive (easier to say I know!). Also I would seriously urge you to stop with the pee tests! They really won’t be doing anything to help with anxiety and it’s unlikely the line will get any darker by now. Huge luck for this week xx

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kitscat in reply to Solly-44

Thank you. I’m looking more for if the line is getting lighter. But you are completely right, it’s not healthy. I’m just so anxious 😞 xx

I was the exact same (think I did urine test everyday day go for a week at over point 🙈).

No words of advice I'm afraid, just hang on there and Try and do something completely unrelated to baby/pregnancy - watching a box set? Buying cat things? 😉

Good luck for Wednesday!

Testing will only make your eyes go funny and your emotions run wild. I know how hard it is but trust me, its better for your mental health to stop testing! There are so many different factors for the test line colour. Take every day as it comes and try to move your thoughts when something negative pops on. Be hard on yourself when it comes to not letting bad thoughts creep in. Nothing positive every came from anything negative, remember that. You have a beautiful little bean nice and comfy in your tummyxxxxx

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kitscat in reply to HollyT7

This is so lovely!!! Thank you 🥰

Try not to worry. I have no symptoms at all and I believe all the ivf meds are masking the pregnancy symptoms. I am currently 9 weeks 3 days and had a scan last week at 8 weeks 5 days and didn’t think I’d see a heartbeat but to my surprise, baby has been growing nicely. I feel your panic as I am still feeling the same even though I’ve seen it’s there. Good luck with the scan and keep me posted xx

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kitscat in reply to Georgie17

Congratulations for reaching 9 weeks!!!! Yes I am trying to surprise the rising panic 😫😫😫 xx

Hi. I recognise your name from from fertility network! Congratulations! I know the feeling it was always on my mind. I really hope that your scan goes well and please let us know how it goes xx

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kitscat in reply to Emmaxxx

Thank you!!! You think that when you get the BFP the anxiety will go but it hasn’t!!! Ahhh!!!!! You must be 20weejs now? Huge congratulations to you!!! Xx

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Emmaxxx in reply to kitscat

Thank you. Yes I am soon to be 24 weeks!! Every step of the way is a worry but also a big milestone xx

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kitscat in reply to Emmaxxx

Wow! Yes I can imagine each milestone is a big tick!!! 😁 xx

🙋‍♀️ Nervous wreck here too. I got so many tests from my local shop, I ended up ordering some online as I got embarrassed keep going in. I didn't have ivf so had to wait for the 12 week scan,we ended up having a scan at 11 weeks as I had some spotting.

My little girl is 5 months old now. I don't think anyone can give you tips on how not to worry, but just know we've all been there and it's a really tough time xx

Best of luck x

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kitscat in reply to Seb9

Aw thank you. It’s just so scary. Huge congratulations on your 5month old. For me it’s the unknown and I don’t really feel pregnant xx

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Seb9 in reply to kitscat

I didn't feel pregnant at all! I had no sickness and never really had any symptoms throughout. If it hadn't been for my scans and eventually belly and kicks, I would not have believed I was pregnant. I really feel for everyone who has terrible sickness as it must be horrid, but it's scary if you don't have symptoms either as you don't trust that it's real, especially in the early days x

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kitscat in reply to Seb9

It’s good to know you didn’t have symptoms either! If I can just get to my scan I think it’ll help. Xx

Welcome across from the fertility network. It’s so nice that there are lots of us over here now 😊.

I think the worry is all very normal and at almost 24 weeks I still panic daily that it’s not all ok. Fingers crossed everything goes well on Wednesday xx

I can totally relate to this. I did a test every day up until my viability scan 🙈 I’ve still got them lol. (Im not wierd ha ha). I’m sure everything will be absolutely fine, just try and stay positive 😘😘xx

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kitscat in reply to Stephybivf

I’m doing the same. I’m keeping mine too. I really hope everything will be ok. Thank you for your kind words xx

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kitscat in reply to kitscat

How many weeks are you now? I’ve just been looking at your page, did you find out whether you were having a boy or girl? Xx

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Stephybivf in reply to kitscat

Hey, I’m coming up to 35 weeks with a little girl xx keep us posted how things go xx

Welcome kitscat. Know the feeling well. I’ll say try to relax but I myself was in a state of panic before and burst in floods of tears after my 7 week scan. And here I am with an 8 month old😀. The worry is completely normal.xx

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kitscat in reply to Noobs

Aw well done you! I think I will cry. I cried on embryo transfer day as we had a hatching blastocyst, I cried when we had a BFP and I cried yesterday as I am so scared! I never cry! It’s all these bloody hormones! Thank you for the reassurance! It really helps! Xx

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Noobs in reply to kitscat

Me neither😂. Congratulations and let us know how you get on😘. FYI I had no symptoms at all apart from bigger boobs that went up and down each day( in my mind). I don’t think I’ve ever checked myself so much.xx

Oooh the dreaded 2nd 2ww. It is worse than the first - and neither are 2 weeks! Your symptoms will come and go just to add to the nerves. There is nothing you can do other than try to channel all your nervous energy into positive thoughts and to try to distract yourself (ha, so much easier said than done).

Massive congratulations to you and do let us know how you get on on Wednesday - then you start your next wait to the 12 week scan! Xx

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kitscat in reply to Camillage

Thank you for your kind and supporting words!!! The wait is worse than the first 2WW I think! Ahhhh! I’m so glad you said the symptoms come and go! Mine and certainly doing that and it’s driving me crazy!!!!! I’m in work today and tomorrow so hopefully more distracted 😁 xx

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Camillage in reply to kitscat

Fingers crossed. I remember panicking when the symptoms went but then feeling awful when they returned. Good luck for keeping your anxiety st bay for the next couple of days xx

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