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Lost my mucus plug at 32 weeks...


HI all,

I am 32 weeks pregnant today and yesterday morning I went to the loo and lost my mucus plug (at 31+6). I was a bit scared and called the midwives and the lady on the phone did not seem to be bothered as long as I dont have any contractions (which I dont). THe whole day I was looking out for symptoms, I felt a lot of pressure in my back and aso a bit on my pelvis, I was quite bloated with gas (sorry) and I was utterly exhausted.

THis morning I am having again brown mucosal discharge, luckily still no contractions. I am a bit unsure what t do, should I call the hospital again and ask or should I just wait and see what happens?

I am really scared to death that my little one is coming 2 months early!

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If your worried, call and ask. Explain how anxious your feeling and you just need some information on the situation, much better than worrying and it's only a phone call xxxx

Camillage in reply to HollyT7

I agree with Holly. It's never wrong to call and ask for information xx


Take action, you must go to the doctor to be checked out. If something goes wrong you will blame your self for not doing something. I strongly suggest you look into it immediately. Call and say it's an emergency and that you must be seen by a doctor. Don't leave this with no investigation....

Your plug regenerates lovely, as long as you don't start contracting you should be fine. Keep a close eye out for any bleeding, pain or contractions x

I lost my plug at 20 weeks and got really scared as I’ve had 5 miscarriages and 1 stillbirth at 26 weeks.

I went to triage and they checked me out in case of any infections but everything was alright.

The midwife told me to keep an eye out for bleeding, my waters and contractions, if did get any of that then to go in immediately.

I would say that you shouldn’t worry if you have none of the both symptoms as the plug can regenerate as long as there isn’t any blood in it, however you said that you had some brown discharge as well which can be an indication of old blood.

Don’t be alarmed coz it could just be from implantation bleeding but I would go in to triage and get checked out.

All the best with the rest of your pregnancy and have a safe delivery xx

I lost my plug at 34 weeks in my first pregnancy I had a little cramping which stopped. I called triage who said to see how things went if I started to get contractions, water breaking or any issues to call again. But all stopped and had my little boy at 38 weeks. It did scare me at the time. If your worried I’d definitely call them and say you want to come in and get checked out. I went up there a couple of times for other things I was worried about and they checked me over and I felt better about it.

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