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Is this normal or should I be concerned???

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My little boys been teething since 7 weeks old (confirmed by pediatrician) the last few days his been really ratty and sleeping loads and always wants mum. His now 3 and a half months old. Also I've tried various gels/powders/teethers and nothing seems to be reliving him apart from calpol and ibuprofen.

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We couldn't use ibruprofen as that can't be given without drs permission before 6 months. Only calpol.

Unfortunately teething is brutal. If you try any of those powders etc on yourself you'll see they don't do anything. The only one that relieves is anbesol.

We froze watermelon in triangle shape and let her suck on those. The dr said she was teething on the 6 week check up. But her teeth came through at 6 months. In hindsight i think she had epstein pearls rather than teething but the teeth move along before they actually cut through. Either way, it's brutal.

Teething can take ages! My eldest started showing signs of teething at about 2 months but he didn't get his first tooth until 10 months! My second is the same. He started showing signs at about 2 months too but he's currently 8 months old and still no teeth. He has days where he's fussy and clingy, especially at night. Dribbling, stuffing toys, teething rings and fingers in his mouth. Gets flushed cheeks. Next thing nothing for days. I think he will be like his older brother and finally cut a tooth only to cut another few in quick succession. The only thing I have found helpful is Calpol and cuddles. I found once the first few teeth were through teething got easier for my eldest.

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