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When should you start to feel your baby's first move?

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I completed 16 weeks today, so far I have not felt the baby's move yet.

When should i first feel the baby move?

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Everyone's different hon but I don't think many feel something as early as 16 weeks. I started to feel tiny movements at around 18 weeks, my cousin is currently 21 weeks and still hasn't felt anything. Don't worry, it won't be long until your baby is booting the hell out of you!!

I'm nearly 18 weeks and not felt a smidge. Can't wait until I do! Xxx

I felt very faint flutterings at around 11 weeks but they were very sporadic. On the day of my 20 week scan I felt the first big kick. I am now 22 weeks and I swear he does not sleep and is always on the move in there. Everybody is different though I agree and you'll soon feel then move and be getting kicked all the time xx

I’m 19 weeks and have only just started feeling v faint pops like bubbles. All very normal not to yet at ur week. I def didn’t until now and still sporadic.

I didn't feel my baby kick until 22 weeks! It can be different for everyone! Prior to that it was very faint little pops from around 18/19 weeks but I really had to concentrate to notice them xx

I was 17 weeks and at first it was so subtle that I wasn’t a 100% sure but it got stronger in due course obviously. It didn’t feel like movement as such, more like a trapped nerve/muscle spasm, like a fluttering type feeling xx

Everyone’s so different and it depends on where your placenta is and how tight your tummy muscles are. My placenta is to the front so acts as a cushion, I felt tiny bubble like pops at 19 weeks (but wasn’t totally sure at the time If it was baby) but didn’t feel proper movement that I knew was baby until 21/22 weeks. xx

I didn’t have the popping/bubbling sensation everyone describes. I felt what I wold describe as something flicking me or a sensation like muscle twitching, like a twitch you would get on your eyelid but this was all around 21-22 weeks. The oddest thing was seeing the baby at 20w scan rolling, kicking and punching but not being able to actually feel it! My placenta is across the front so could only feel movements in certain places. Now I am 33w and the baby doesn’t stop morning noon or night and now moves about and kicks so strongly it wakes me up 😂

I didn't feel the popping/ bubbling sensation till about 20 weeks.

Hello, I'm pregnant with baby number 4, I felt flutters from about 12 weeks and kicks from around 16 weeks. There is no correct answer though as every woman is different, it can anywhere from 16 weeks onwards.

My first child I didn't feel anything until after 22 weeks. Every woman is different and every pregnancy you have is different.

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