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Flu jab in pregnancy?

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Hello there,

I was wondering if you could tell me please how do you feel about the flu jab during pregnancy.

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and after a previous miscarriage 5 months earlier I am scared about taking any flu this week period of time, still not 100%about the vaccination. Any experiences to share? Thanks in advance

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I'm not against it per say, but I've declined just as I did with my previous pregnancies. My decision is based on how the vaccine is produced (my partner actually worked in a quality control lab in Liverpool when the flumist was being developed).

Because it's based on the 3 most prevalent strains in the last flu season across the other side of the world, made in advance plus the fact flu mutates, I just wonder how effective it is in the first place. We know after each season it's widely reported quite often the wrong strains it covers so has a big failure rate.

Saying that, flu can be quite dangerous, this was my decision, I have no history of miscarriage, other health conditions etc so I wouldn't ever say to someone else don't bother. It's your choice, they were just my reasons. I don't know anyone who has suffered any adverse affects from having it during pregnancy, all my friends & their babies have been fine x

Thank you so much for your kind reply. Very much appreciated. x

I had it with no issues. What exactly are your concerns? The vaccine adults get isn't live, so you cannot catch the flu from the jab.

Thanks Pinkie93 I just was afraid on having the vaccine because I was thinking to remain more natural as possible but obviously I don't want to get sick or to catch the flu specially this cold winter being pregnant. x

No problem, I'm glad you've decided to get the jab. Vaccines these days are so finely tuned that there is really very little of anything in there and remember your immune system is suppressed in pregnancy so flu would be truly awful!

Just something to think about; the idea of being natural these days can be very tempting, but if we look back to the days when people did live naturally, pregnancy was extremely dangerous. We must be discerning and find a balance; but remember that medical advances have been made for a reason.

Good Luck! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy :-)

Totally agree. Thanks again. I'll try my best to enjoy it 🤗

I had it in my last two pregnancies with no issues and will have it in next week or so with this pregnancy xxxx

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Thanks for reply Lianna89. Good luck even with this pregnancy enjoy it totally. I'm new in the experience that's why probably I can seem scared or naive on asking this kind of questions. 🤗

I had the jab during my pregnancy, (little one is just over 3 months old) . I had absolutely no issues with it. I was glad I had it as I worked in an office where sickness spread like wildfire, so for me I was more worried about getting flu and feeling awful or worse being very ill. Having had flu once before I definitely didn't want it while pregnant. So would do anything to potentially prevent it.

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Thanks Seb9 I'm exactly in the same position I'm not a person that I get sick easily but in this period I just want to prevent it. In two days I'm going to have the flu jab and that's all. x

I had my vaccine a couple of weeks ago and felt unwell with side effects for about 24 hours and then was fine. However, I would rather have side effects for 24 hours than get the flu, which could put my unborn baby at risk. Whilst it may not be effective against all flu viruses, it is protection from some strains and I want that protection! For me, getting the vaccine is a no-brainer.

Thank you prosopon, I'm really more convinced now I wasn't 100% sure but I'd rather have side effects as well then catching the flu during the pregnancy.

Enjoy your pregnancy

Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had the flu jab very early on my pregnancy (on my first gp appointment after my positive pregnancy test). I had no problems with the jab and have now a 6 week old healthy baby. However I did have the flu a few weeks after the jab! I'm not saying it caused it just it didn't work for me. I catch the flu every year anyways.

I think it doesn't always work but I don't think there's any negative effect from it.

Wish you the best with the rest of your pregnancy :)

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Hello Qt314 thanks for sharing your story with me. Hope you and your baby are doing just fine. Enjoy your time with him😇🤗🤗

Hi! I’ve had it myself and no problems. I’m a pharmacist and I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry all my life. It is safe to take the flu jab as these are indicated in our group of patients, and in fact strongly recommended for us. I’m sure your midwife or GP told you so. People are different and some might react to the jab, in my case like the majority I just got a minor inflammation with pain where the jab was administered. All gone after a few days. I’m in favour of all vaccinations, not just for us expecting a child, but for all adults and children. It’s a matter of public health. Getting the flu when you’re pregnant is something quite serious for you and your baby, so I think it’s totally worth it! Anyway, just my opinion, im sure midwife and GP can advise. All the best and stay warm 😊

Thank you Blanket82,

At the beginning I was just concerned about any risk of miscarriage but now that I am out of that risk I definitely don't want to risk my unborn baby's health.

In a few days I'll go and have the flu jab without any doubt. Have a good day 🤗

Great 😊 Happy to hear all is well and I totally understand!! I’ve been like that myself, couldn’t even face the gym for the first 14 weeks! All the best 🥰


I was questioning whether to have it or not and my midwife read out what could happen to baby and I if I didn't. It shocked me in to getting it done! (I was more worried about the injection!).

A few weeks have passed since I had it and I feel absolutely fine (touch wood). The only symptom I had afterwards was a heavy feeling in my arm.

It's your choice though so do what feels best for you :-) x

Thank you Heather J02 the more I read about different experiences the more I feel relaxed. I'm not afraid about side effects on me, until they don't hurt the baby actually the baby hopefully will be able not to get sick and that's the important thing. 🤗

Exactly :-). I also had the Whooping Cough vaccine at the same time which caused no issues. May be a couple of weeks early for you but they may mention that as well. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy 🙂 x

Hi I just had mine last week with no side effects. Having something like flu which causes high temp can cause a miscarriage whilst the jab is not a live one and is safe. In mine and NHS’s opinion, by having the jab you are protecting your baby xx

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I have the appointment tomorrow with my doctor that's why I was trying to ask until I could see him. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. 🤗

I would have to say definitely not! Even just based on the fact they are just guessing at the strains that would be most prevelant that "season" and very often get it wrong. If you want any info on the flu shot look up the hardwire with Del Bigtree. He does a show that goes out on their ICAN website, YouTube and Facebook page. Everything they discuss is completely backed up with science and you can even have all documents they have spoken about sent to you. I would never have or allow my children to have another vaccine again. Keep healthy, stay as natural as possible and your body is built to deal with these things. Even my Dr laughed when I asked if I needed it. Sadly my wife miscarried 48 hours after getting it and as their is zero real safety testing done on them, we'll never know if it was the shot that did it. Research research research and not only what comes from the manufacturers, Dr's who get benefits and bonuses from them or people who have never looked into them. Read the actual insert, check out the ingredients.

Thanks for all the details mrsfkynn00741 I'll definitely do another research. Feeling very sorry about your wife. 😢

Del Bigtree cannot be trusted, he's a proven lier.


Del Bigtree is not a doctor, he's a radio host and TV/film producer who tells a whole lots of lies. Sure your doctor laughed...

So sorry your wife had a miscarriage but there is no evidence to suggest the flu vaccine causes miscarriage. On the other hand, there is a lot of evidence suggesting the vaccine is safe in pregnancy. Not getting vaccinations and not having children vaccinated is putting vulnerable people at risk. People can die from the flu and other illnesses that we have vaccines for.

I am really tired of anti-vaxxers making us less safe, so I’m going to go through this point by point:

- Yes, there is a degree of guess work, but the scientists don’t just pull these guesses out of nowhere. They are based on influenza surveillance in over 100 countries that is conducted year-round, this involves receiving and testing thousands of influenza virus samples from patients. Source: cdc.gov/flu/prevent/vaccine...

“Your body is built to deal with these things”

- 1918-1919, Spanish influenza 20-50 million died worldwide. Source: history.com/topics/world-wa...

- 1957-1958, Asian influenza 1-2 million deaths worldwide. Source: britannica.com/event/Asian-...

- 1968-1969, Hong Kong flu 1-4 million deaths worldwide. Source: britannica.com/event/Hong-K...

- From 2000-2017 measles deaths dropped by 80% thanks to increased used of the MMR vaccine worldwide. Source: who.int/news-room/fact-shee...

- And if you’re wondering about Polio, I can ask my grandad if he’d mind me posting a photo of his legs…

- A lot of care is taken to make flu vaccines (all vaccines) safe. Sources: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/vaccine-... who.int/immunization/sage/m...

- Yes, doctors get paid for administering vaccines, the surgery is providing a public service which they get paid for, do you get paid for doing your job?

- I don’t have access to an insert and sure read it, but it’ll be a list of scary looking things for anyone who doesn’t have a strong science background (the ingredients in almost everything looks scary when you don’t know what they are or understand chemical reactions in vivo).

If you want a good reference for all things immunization you can refer to the NHS green books for reading.

I've just had my baby. I got my flu jab when I was pregnant and have just paid for it this year. (I figured given I'm breastfeeding it will be protecting my LO too)

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Thanks cedrada. Congratulations on your baby. Hope you are doing great both of you.

I had the vaccines with both my pregnancies ... no issues what so ever.

As for doctors pushing vaccines purely for financial incentives... all the doctors I know get themselves and their kids vaccinated. Just saying...

Totally agree roxannacar. Thanks


I had also had a miscarriage and I got pregnant five months after. Iv never taken the flu vaccination in my life or any kind of vaccination besides as a child.

I declined the flu vaccination as I barely get sick n just wasn't intrested.

I now have a two week old healthy baby n Im fine and never had a cold or flu in the whole 9months months.

So it's up to u but do not feel pressured to do it as they do tend to push it on people.

You totally understand me though I had a miscarriage 5 months earlier and now e I'm pregnant again after that bad experience. I do not get sick usually and I was concerned about an other miscarriage or the have the vaccination for no reason. I read plenty of great experiences and basically I am ess afraid. Tomorrow I'm going to have the last conversation with my doctor and after that I'll decide. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Congratulations on your baby🤗🤗

Thank u Xx yeah I worried too as I was scared of another miscarriage but no I didn't have the flu jab and like yourself I never get sick so.. why fix it, if it ent broken.


I had it with no problems, catching flu when pregnant is incredibly dangerous

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