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Colic at 3 weeks old! HELP!

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Hi guys!

My 3 week old little boy has had a few unsettled evenings where he’s screaming like he’s in pain! His tummy seems tender to touch and he’s really stretching himself out, going bright red in the face, nothing will soothe him and he’s none stop crying! Just seems to be happening in the evening! I deffo think it’s colic but going to ring the health visitor just for advice but also wanted to come on here and ask for some advice from mammas on here?!

I thought he was constipated at first as he hasn’t pooed in a day but last time I saw the health visitor she said that was okay and they only class them as constipated if they haven’t gone in 5 days.

Any help is appreciated! Xx

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Hi lovely... sorry to hear your little boy may have colic it’s awful seeing them in pain. Is he bottle fed or breast fed?

Hi love, I know I keep crying because I just can’t help him! Poor boy! He’s bottle fed! X

My baby was the same and apparently boys are worse. What bottles are you using? I switched to mam anti colic bottles and they were amazing and helped a lot. Also... have you tried the colic drops.... you put around 4 drops in his milk with his feeds... this also helped a lot... they’re a little bit pricey but they were amazing.... you can get them in boots.... with the man bottles and the drops helped my lil boy a lot...

Omg thanks so much! We’ve been giving him infacol which helps bring his wind up but still isn’t brill! I was using normal tommee tippee but he was falling asleep with his feeds as the teets are known for being harder to get milk out of so I got him some cheap sainsburys own bottles but I was looking at the MAM ones!! I’ll get some and give them a try! Thanks so much xx

Ahh no worries... we tried infacol but it didn’t do much.... but my mother in law suggested the ‘colief infant drops’ have a look but just check the age on them. Good luck 😊😊

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I also used the mam bottles and found them great. I also tilted his cot so he slept on an incline which also seemed to help.

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Thankyou! I’ll try him tilted too xx

Sorry to hear about your little boy. My little boy was exactly the same from about two weeks old. I tried infacol, then gripe water at 4 weeks old. It all seemed to work for a week or two at the most. My GP said it’s so common and the only thing that really helps is time. Sure enough at 10 weeks he was like a different baby. Doesn’t help you just now but hang in there, it will get better.xx

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Materialbarbie in reply to Noobs

Thanks so much! I know the health visitor said it gets better with time! I’m going to clinic today to learn some massages for his tummy to help too🤞🏼! Just sad seeing him in so much pain xx

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Noobs in reply to Materialbarbie

Baby massage helped massively, especially the tummy massage. Yeah, I felt like punching anyone that said give it time and here I am saying the same lol. It’s so upsetting to see them like that and feel helpless. Hope you get on okay.xx

I second Mam bottles. They were a godsend for our son. I hope it settles down for you soon xx

Thanks so much! Just hard seeing him in so much pain 😩xx

Hey, I’m surprised your health visitor said that. Constipation isn’t just about how long it’s been since last poo but also if they have a full bowel and are struggling to pass it. You can give cooled boiled water to a baby who is straining and is bottle fed, 20-30ml as a one off. You can do this a couple times a day. This advice can be found on the nhs website. Giving water shouldn’t be part of the everyday regime but if they are struggling to go. Also try putting whatever baby is sleeping in at a slight tilt so feet are a little lower than head, as long as the mattress stays straight. It can help with reflux, wind and digestion, as well as keeping them upright a little longer before lying them down. Finally tummy massage can be really good to do, may not be instant but over time can really help, and cycling baby’s legs/ pushing them gently up to tummy.

It’s much more likely to be struggles opening bowels than colic at 3 weeks. You can try all those things before buying a load of products. All the best

How are things now? Hope your wee one is a bit better x

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Hi lovely he seems to be a lot better! The infacol has deffo kicked in now and learnt some tummy massages that seem to be a god send for him! Still need to get him tho bottles but so far so good! Also ordered him a babybjorn chair that helps them sit upright more to help colic and reflux so will let everyone know if that’s good but I read good things about it 🤞🏼Xxx

That's good you wre making progress! We had a baby bjorn bouncing chair and loved it. Best of luck x

My daughter is 9 weeks today. She have had colic since 4 weeks old. Your best of getting ( colic drops ) Tesco sells them. Give him the dose prescribed and see how it goes. Infacol isn’t as good as colic medicine it’s made for colic babies I learned that infacol just breaks doesn’t help bring the wind up. Try your best to wind after every feed And have him over your knees best way! And over your shoulder. Hope he’s ok ! But I definitely recommend ( colic drops ) in tescos. It’s around £3-5 pounds. I’m sure. Hope he gets better soon also try boiled water leave it cool Down to flush any wind away always good to give a new born boiled water :) X

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