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planning a baby after 2 miscarriages

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me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for a couple of months after losing a baby that was unexpected at around 5 - 6 weeks. I lost another baby round about 5 - 6 weeks at the beginning of this year with a previous relationship. I also have anemia. ive been up the hospital with both miscarriages and they didn't seem very helpful and they didn't give me any answers as too why. all they done was take bloods then sent me home. me and my boyfriend are desperate to have another one but im scared im going to miscarriage again. is there anything I can do to maybe prevent it from happening again?

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Sorry if I've got this wrong, but are you 15?

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No I'm not

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Ok sorry, the 04 in your username threw me and teenagers are at greater risk of miscarriage. All I can suggest from the information is try to fix your anemia before conceiving again. There's little research on the topic but anemia is definitely linked to increased miscarriage.

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The 04 is cause my birthday is 4th October. And I've tried all sorts of things but it doesnt seem to help much.

The hospital wouldn’t be able to tell you what caused your miscarriages unfortunately, you would have to get referred for reoccurring mc so they can do tests but usually after 3 mc even then everything could be fine.

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Okay thank you

Sorry for your miscarriages. Unfortunately it could just be bad luck and as someone else said you can only get referred for recurring miscarriage after 3 losses. I had 2 losses before having my first Son who is now a happy and healthy 4 year old. I also went on to have another miscarriage before having my second Son who is now 6 months old. So it is possible to have healthy pregnancies after losses. Good luck!

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Thank you. It's nice to hear positive stories

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Your story is so important for women with loses but without children yet. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Could you tell little bit more about all, please. 💕

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I had a difficult time getting my two little ones but now I would do it all again as they were so worth it! We tried for a baby for 19 months before getting pregnant the first time which I lost at 6 weeks. We then tried for another 11 months before getting pregnant for the second time which again I lost at 6 weeks. We saw a fertility specialist who told me we would have to go through another loss before they would investigate. 7 months later I got pregnant and I remember being really anxious and convinced that I would lose my baby. But I didn't and my first baby is now 6 years old. Then 2 years after having our first we decided to try for another and caught straight away. I hoped my run of bad luck was behind me but unfortunately I lost my baby at 6 weeks. I was in denial for a while about how much my third loss affected me but it caught up with me a few months and I really struggled mentally. I thought maybe I should just be happy with the little boy I have. However, I decided to give it one more go and 6 months trying we conceived and I had my second little boy who is now 2 years old. I'm a different person because of my journey but so thankful that I have my 2 little ones. If unfortunately you lose a baby or more, just don't give up hope. Remember you are stronger than you think and the chances are you will have a successful pregnancy, and when you do they are worth it! Be kind to yourself and take each day at a time.

I’ve had two as well, I’ve begged for tests and doctors have agreed to do some for me, so taking my blood to see if anything shows up.

I also asked for them to test the tissue from my miscarriage I’m still awaiting the results, I asked when I went into the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit for second scan to make sure baby hadn’t grown. They said they would ask but they wouldn’t usually do it for 2 losses, then the mw came back and offered it for private which I agreed too. So still awaiting results for that.

Have my blood test beginning of December. It’s all just a waiting game. I’m always waiting :-(

Good luck

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How are you now,Jojo?

Hopefully you get your answers soon.

Hey sorry for your losses. I had two before getting to where am now 15 weeks preg. It is so devastating and they said mine were caused by chromosomal issues which apparently quite common. Don’t give up hun. Hopefully it can happen for u next time. Happens to lots of us unfort but many go on to have children so all possible. Best wishes xx

Thank you. X it's more positive to hear about successful times after miscarriages x

Hi Hun,

Sorry to hear of your losses.

We also had 2 miscarriages before becoming pregnant with our son. He's now a happy healthy 18 month old 😁!

We too asked if there was any test they could do but we were refused as we hadn't had 3 miscarriages. They did however test our first baby tissue as s/he got stuck in my cervix around 9 weeks and I was in and out of hospital but as we heard nothing from the hospital, it meant they didn't find anything.

Best advice I can give you is try not to worry. As horrible as it is, what will be will be n you stressing and worrying won't be able to chance that. That was the advice I was given and it actually helped. Just try to stay positive and don't be so hard on yourself.

All the best xx

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Thank you x

Hi, really sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I can’t add much advice, but I can add to the positive stories, as following 2 miscarriages I am now 14 weeks pregnant. Like some of the other ladies here, I didn’t know what the cause was of either of the miscarriages.

Hopefully this and the other stories here can help you to keep positive.

Good luck xXx

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Thank you xx

i am also anemic

Hi Courtney. so sorry to hear, its very upsetting.. Same happened with me. The NHS are useless I'm afraid with these situations. See if you can get prescribed progestion pessaries.. there is quite strong evidence that they support the baby stay implanted at this time. Secondly, I went to a Chinese Medicine Doctor (it's not expensive). I had acupunture twice a week and also herbs to prevent miscarriage. Now happy to say I'm 13 weeks along and all good with scan. Obviously if it's chromosone abnormalities there is nothing that can be done, and sadly it's nature's way of an unhealthy baby not continuing, but it can often be because of poor circulation (in my case) and other things. in which case there is loads of evidence that acupuncture works, they recommend it for everyone having IVF. good luck with your next pregnancy..hope this helped.

Hi Courtney, Sorry that you had to go through this. I am experiencing the same at the moment. Lost a pregnancy at 6 weeks in November, and the same this week. It is definitely a very confusing and isolating phase. Did you bleed soon after the HCG fall started? My HCG stopped rising last week but there is no bleeding yet. Quite confused about what maybe happening.

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Yes, my HCG was not fall down when blood spots started, maybe it is about progesterone I started when first symptom comes. That's didn't help, unfortunately. First pregnancy was loosen unexpectedly this we tried to save but didn't :(

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